There’s a charming 1950 Jimmy Stewart film called Harvey. In it Stewart is an eccentric individual who believes that his best friend is a rather tall rabbit, or pooka-an animal spirit, named Harvey.

To clarify, not that a guy who is his best friend has turned into a hare. But that his pal is an actual 6 foot 3 inch tall invisible white rabbit. At the end of the movie we’re led to believe that the rabbit is real and that Stewart is not crazy. Okay, such is Hollywood.

In a bit of life imitating art, last Monday the president of the United States seems to have signed on to the Harvey scenario. Though, the coney in question is, well, himself.

When responding to political questions, from that hard hitting newshound NBC Today show weatherman Al Roker, as to whether he’d be taking part in future Easter egg hunts as president, i.e.- running for reelection, this happened.

Roker asked Biden, “Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024?”

The man who controls the entire US nuclear arsenal replied, “I’ll either be rolling an egg or end up being the guy who’s pushing ’em out.” Yes, he said “pushing ’em out.” Out of where? Dear God Joe, where?!

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I’m not sure if the mind shudders more at the possibility that the chief executive of this nation identifies as a bunny or that he thinks rabbits lay eggs.

This was too much even for left wing late night talk show host Stephen Colbert, who commented, “That’s right, Jack! I got big Easter news: Joe Biden can lay eggs. Easy as pie. No, I push ’em right out the cloaca. Serve ’em up scrambled, or sit on ’em for a while, raise a beautiful flock of little baby Joes, ‘peep, peep, peep’. Point is, I am mentally fit to once again run for President of the United States. What’s goin’ on? Where’s Jill? Marco! Jill-o!”

This is where we are today as a country. We’ve stopped at farce on the way to tragedy. Not that we haven’t had crazy presidents before. Teddy Roosevelt was such an egomaniac he screwed America by enabling the election of the worst president of all time,  Woodrow Wilson, rather than see his own protégé get reelected.

His relation FDR delusionally thought he could trust the Soviets to hold free elections in communist controlled Poland. LBJ was sure the best way to end poverty was to make people dependent on the government. However, none of them claimed to be a rabbit. Though Jimmy Carter was kind of a weasel.

Thus it’s no great surprise that the White House physician decided to omit any public reference to Biden’s recent mental acuity test. Not a word. Perhaps President Thumper threatened to nuzzle him to death if he went public. Or maybe the White House physician was distracted by the sight of the president pushing out rabbit “eggs.”

Regardless, welcome to the United States in 2023, where a major political party, the one in power, is led by a man-rabbit named Joe. Rather amusing, if it wasn’t so terribly sad.