The China-linked Gotion project in Big Rapids was starting to get all kinds of intense scrutiny in the past few weeks. People were paying attention to environmental and national security concerns and the bad press just kept coming.

There was also news of them being tied to another company called Gochin, a Chinese company that offered the Taliban government $10 billion to mine lithium. Even thought he Gotion folks deny being “Gochin” (or having anything to do with them), there are no reports of a company called Gochin existing anywhere.

As the days ticked by, one bad thing after another came out in the news about Gotion that made the deal (nicknamed “Project Elephant” by the Whitmer administration in order to hide what was going on) look like a really bad deal. A bad deal for Big Rapids, the state and the entire country.

But as you know, Democrats won’t let anyone defeat them. Especially when it comes to their climate change agenda and getting rid of gas-guzzling vehicles and fossil fuel.

In order to make sure things move forward, they need solar farms and wind farms and have battery plants everywhere. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is on board with all of that and doesn’t mind welcoming China into the state to accomplish her goals.

Even though the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee was on the fence about approving final funding for the Gotion deal, Big Gretch made sure that the project didn’t get delayed too long or stopped altogether. So folks say she (allegedly) strong-armed or bribed enough people on the committee to vote yes to the funding – because all of a sudden, on Thursday, in a hastily scheduled vote, the funding went through 10-9. Big Gretchen knew she’d win the vote. She never would have “let” the vote happen if she was going to lose.

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State Sen. Lana Theis (R-Brighton), a committee member who voted “no” said in a statement, “Gotion crafted, in secret, a sweetheart deal with eager government bureaucrats that threatens our state and national sovereignty and security, the environment, and public health and safety, while essentially costing the company nothing in return.”

Then, in what we all know is just mere coincidence (wink, wink), the very next day, the Biden- Harris administration announces that no further review of Gotion was needed. The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS), which is tasked with reviewing foreign investments to make sure they aren’t security threats, decided that the Gotion project is good to go and not subject to further review. Green light everyone. The people who live in the township don’t want it but that is totally irrelevant.

So the fix was in. Whitmer and old Joe were going to make sure that Gotion was a done deal not matter what or who stood in their way. There’s no way that our compromised president was (or is) going to let his China pals get stopped from setting up shop in our country to build plants so that we’re all forced give up our gas-powered cars. Biden has got too much to lose if that happens. In more ways than one.