Just last week, the Democrat National Committee made its selection for the site of the 2024 convention.

The Democrats, as I said at the time, picked the perfect metaphor for their entire party. A party based on failing liberal ideas. Failing ideas like defunding the police and giving people more and more and more taxpayer-funded government assistance—and taking away any accountability.

So, of course, Democrats chose the American War Zone—better known as Chicago—a once proud symbol of American greatness now reduced to a place I wouldn’t go on a bet.

It is a city so violent that literally hundreds of people have been gunned down this year—and it’s only mid-April.

It’s a city where violent crime is so out of control that they tossed out the incumbent mayor, Lori Lightfoot. But instead of changing directions, Chicago voters signed up for more chaos, violence, and destruction.

In fact, over the weekend, the violence often associated with the notorious southside came spilling into the high-rent districts.

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Hundreds and maybe even a couple thousand teenagers hell-bent on destruction came spilling into the heart of the famed Chicago Loop. This is where the well-heeled shop at high-end stores and eat at fine restaurants.

This weekend was for the destruction of that image as cars were destroyed, tourists were attacked, and, of course, more shots rang out.

And who is to blame?

Not the criminals, of course—not the parents or the politicians that give this violent mob a pass and suggest that if only there were more equity, then we could do better. These people are destroying our cities, and our country is not far behind. They, of course, point fingers at everyone except themselves.

And this is not isolated to Chicago. It is happening in many American cities.

From Seattle to Atlanta, companies are saying; ‘no more and are packing up for safer venues.

Despite the tidal wave of evidence that every single one of their policies is failing—the Democrats are incapable of telling the truth about any of it.

In the end, the Democrats just focus on tired excuses that have no relationship to reality—a world where there is always a Republican to blame and someone or something to call racist.