When I saw this headline flash yesterday, I thought it must be a mistake. I thought to myself; there is no way they are going with this. I mean, I have seen foolish choices in my life—I have seen some really poor decisions and unforced errors in politics, but this one will be highlighted for months leading up to the Election of 2024. For four glorious days, this mistake will be in the spotlight for all to say—really? You’re proud of this? This is what you want for America?

People will point and laugh because from August 19 through 22, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago, Illinois—the city with the most notorious violent crime in America. A city led by Democrats for a century.

William Hale Thompson was the last Republican mayor of the Windy City—and he left office on April 16, 1923.

What you have before you is a city run by Democrats, for Democrats, for 100 years—and boy, what a job they’ve done running that once wonderful city right into the ground!

A place where the Daly Machine ran wild, and election fraud was not only accepted but expected and encouraged—go ahead, read about the Election of 1960.

Chicago is a place where, so far in 2023, 624 people have been shot. Dozens of them were killed, of course. It’s a place where the explosion in violent crime was so over the top that just last week, the voters threw out Mayor Lori Lightfoot. But instead of learning their lesson, Chicago’s voters elected an even more progressive Democrat to take her place.

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And that means the problems in Chicago are almost certainly going to get worse.
Yes, Chicago is the perfect analogy for the entire progressive movement and a place that is already notorious for the Democrat Convention of 1968—complete with violent beatings and riots in the streets.

Wow, what a great choice by the Democratic National Convention. Of course, it came after some very generous donations to the selection committee by Illinois’ billionaire Governor J.B. Pritzker. But don’t worry. I am sure it’s all on the up and up—just like everything else in Chicago!

In Chicago, according to numbers from last year, an eye-popping 460,000 people—more than 17% of the city’s population—live in poverty, and the unemployment rate is 50% higher than in the rest of the state.

Yes, this is the Socialist Utopia that Democrats want for the rest of the nation.

Chicago is a rat-infested city sinking into the shoreline of Lake Michigan where shootings on the miracle mile are more frequent than ever, despite ever stronger laws preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.

Yeah, this is not the shining city on the hill described by Ronald Reagan, and more like the city after Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lamp!

Illinois is a state that has embraced the full-blown soft-on-crime agenda of the radical left, pushing through and signing the SAFE-T Act that will result in more violence and death and fewer criminals in prison.

Yes, Chicago is the perfect example of Democrats’ dreams.
By dreams, I mean crime, corruption, and urban decay.
The Democrats will do everything they can to paint the city as one on the rebound—but nothing could be further from the truth. The Southside of Chicago is notorious and has been my entire life. The crazy thing today is that the streets are even more dangerous now than when gangsters like Al Capone ruled in the 1930s.

I won’t even visit Chicago anymore, and I used to go there regularly—but I don’t have the need to get mugged on Rush Street or stabbed on the L. That really isn’t my idea of a good time.

What I cannot figure out is why they did it.

It’s not like you can hide how bad it’s become there— poverty and crime aren’t something you can just put a sheet over.

And while Democrats try to explain what is happening in Chicago and why on earth they would go there for the DNC, there are a lot of other things to explain, like the FBI trying to plant moles in the Catholic Church.