At what point do you admit you were wrong, dead wrong?

When do you finally admit that your biggest enemy is your biggest enemy, and they have been playing you for a very long time?

Look, China, and specifically the Chinese Communist Party, is the biggest existential threat to America and, honestly, the rest of the world.

It came into full relief when the Wuhan virus was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Most credible timetables now put that all the way back to late summer or early fall of 2019—and as I have told you from the very beginning, Covid-19 was on the ground in America before Thanksgiving 2019—sometime in early November that year.

Instead of warning the world, China locked down travel inside its country but sent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of its people across the globe, knowing full well that they would infect the world. Of course, they did—the result was devastating to millions of people that died, but it also crippled the global economy and allowed the CCP and China to capitalize on the pandemic to make an enormous profit while normalizing the forfeiture of freedom by billions of people.

It was a remarkable test run, but it was not the beginning. No, this kind of move to turn the tables on the West has been decades in the planning phase.

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China has infiltrated America for decades in a variety of seemingly mundane ways. Growing up, I would hear references to Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, so when Confucius Institutes began springing up on college campuses, I didn’t pay much attention.
In the late 80s, the big surge to move manufacturing to China was an exciting time. Companies and people I knew moved quickly and delivered products to the American market at lightning speed and often at better prices.

Of course, over time, we learned that products were often produced at inferior standards—sometimes with dangerous chemicals or side effects.

Do you remember the horror stories of contaminated drywall that got thousands of people sick or dog and cat food made with God only knows what that caused the deaths of thousands of pets in this country and around the world?

Maybe we should have taken time to ask some questions!
But instead, we kept right on going. And some continued to say there was nothing to worry about—just look the other way.

At about the same time, the messaging on Global Warming and Climate Change really began to ramp up. Some of it was subtle, but a lot of it was anything but. We learned a long time ago that Russia was behind a lot of the advertising to push Americans into resenting so-called fossil fuels.

Well, now we know China was behind a lot of those efforts, too—in fact, the Chinese Communist Party has been on the move to get into America by way of stealth ever since Richard Nixon opened the door in 1972.

What we should all realize now is that what we opened by letting China in was not a door but rather the mother of all Pandora’s Boxes. The invasion from all directions has been underway ever since—including balloons that have been poo-pooed as unimportant by those charged with protecting our national security interests.
While we moved massive amounts of manufacturing to China, they robbed us of our intellectual property left and right, transferring trillions of dollars from our country to theirs while we all celebrated because we had toys—lots and lots of toys!

Because all of the trinkets and trash and consumer items were cheap, baby! You could buy TVs and phones, cameras, video games, cookware, dishes, appliances, and all kinds of things to distract you while the CCP oozed in deeper and deeper.

It was plain to see for anyone who cared to look. I mean, I personally have been warning about the threat of China to America ever since I smoked the devil’s herb and held court as a teenager. It’s been true since then, but most people don’t have the guts to say so.

What we need right now is a big dose of honesty about just about everything.

The epiphany I had about the threat of the ChiComs in about 1979 or 80 has never dissipated—and my concern has only grown over the years.

Now the CCP wants to buy farmland and build factories right here in the good old U-S of A—and most people are far too busy drooling on their Chinese-made cellphones and iPads to pay any attention.

We looked away when we learned that China was using slave labor to make our tennis shoes and our iPhones—we didn’t care because they were cheap, and we liked them.

We looked away when black kids in the Congo were forced to work 18-hour days digging in the dirt with bare hands to find enough cobalt to power our devices.
We should be ashamed right now, not because we like to earn money and buy things, but because we have been blind to the treachery of the Chinese Communist Party while a whole pile of American politicians decided to enrich themselves and sacrifice our country in the process.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue because I can give really easy examples like Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden, who had lined their pockets while allegedly representing two different political parties when really they were just insulating one political party—the CCP.

Today we have come to a crossroads—and I am going to tell you some things that are going to blow your mind—things you never thought you would see in America or believe that Americans would ever do.

First, let’s go back to the Green New Deal—which is a Chinese initiative—100% bought and paid for and delivered to millions of people daily directly by Chinese social media apps on Chinese-made devices.

The crossroads can be illustrated by a pair of battery plants being pushed hard by Democrats in Michigan. It is a terrible idea, to begin with—but it just got far worse with a revelation about a meeting last week in Afghanistan.

I have learned that Gotion, the Chinese Company that tried to hide its real identity behind a joint venture with Volkswagen, is not only operated under the constitution of the CCP but something far worse.
Last Thursday, according to numerous sources in the foreign press, Gotion met with the Taliban in Afghanistan to put forth an offer of $10 billion dollars to mine lithium in that country.
Just let that sink in—after the United States’ pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years and the murders of 13 American soldiers, sailors, and airmen—China has moved in completely.

The ChiComs made a deal last year to start drilling and producing millions of barrels of oil—and now plan to mine lithium—which is said to be worth as much as 1 trillion US dollars.

Think about this now, Michigan taxpayers, and honestly, taxpayers in other states where Chinese battery plants are being built, will subsidize literally billions of dollars to pay the Chinese to buy lithium from the Taliban!

How do you feel about that, America?

Oh, but wait—there are two plants in Michigan. The one in Big Rapids is owned by Gotion—that same company offering $10 Billion for Taliban lithium—and a second plant in Marshall is partly owned by Ford.

And last night, I learned from an inside source that Ford is about to announce that it plans to move the production of its small SUVs—you guessed it—TO CHINA!!!

At what point do you admit who your enemy is?

Oh, and in New York, those Chinese police stations the Democrats laughed about and called a conspiracy theory are apparently real too. Two Chinese nationals were arrested for running just such an operation, and the Justice Department calls it a ‘significant national security matter’!

Can you imagine if the NYPD set up a secret police station in Beijing? How would that go exactly?

But you know the answer.

China now has more ships than the United States—and while we are practicing our pronouns, China is training to take over the world.

Is there any part of this that is not clear to you?

We should not be entangled with any Chinese companies at a time when Xi Jinping is posturing for war and living under the idea of ‘All Things Under Heaven.’

It is time for Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Democrats to honor human rights and say no to the slave labor of 40,000 Congolese children forced to mine cobalt for pennies and no to the Taliban cashing in at our expense and putting another 120,000 people to work as virtual slaves.

It is a time for choosing, America.