Many of the youth of today are being brainwashed by the media, their celebrity idols, social media, and their schools about how to think. Because they are easily manipulated, in order to fit in with the “in” crowd, they try to appear woke and diverse – and welcoming and non-judgmental. No matter what kind of craziness is going on around them.

In this quest, kids are participating in and accepting ludicrous rules and behaviors of adults including their schools demanding that boys are allowed in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s an insane movement that started a few years ago under the auspices of “equity” for transexuals.

Even though the schools pretend to be all about protecting their students from bullying and sexual harassment, they completely ignore that just the mere presence of a male entering a female’s bathroom IS sexual harassment. How do I know this? Because I’m a woman. And bullying? That’s what the schools are doing. If the students, parents and the community don’t agree with them, they bully them and call them names.

After stores like Target started allowing different sexes in bathrooms according to the gender they identify with, governments also followed suit – and then the schools. Schools across the country insanely started allowing different sexes in whatever bathroom and locker rooms that they chose – and allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports.

Whatever happened to equality for girls and women? That’s gone. It’s been replaced by equity for transexuals. The safety and security of the majority is being canceled by the needs of the minority and the political party who supports them. The left is actually trying to erase what a “woman” means –

and incredulously, many women are helping them. Correction: menstruating persons.

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And what do you do if you’re a kid in a school and you disagree with boys coming into the girls bathroom whenever they want? Or vice versa?

Well, you certainly DON’T complain because your school will come after you.

That’s what happened in Illinois when about 150 students at a high school decided to push back against the gender bathroom lunacy by lining up to use the nurse’s restroom. According to the Daily Caller, they did this after being told that if they were uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a student of the opposite sex, they could use the single-stall unisex bathroom.

After the students lined up for the single-stall unisex bathroom, the Superintendent, Brian Charron, said that the students who stood in line for the single-stall bathroom were going to be marked tardy from class. And if they continued to do it and protest the bathroom policy then they would be disciplined. He said, “We want all parents and students to understand that we will not tolerate another significant disruption in school…To the extent we determine that the nurse’s office bathroom line was a form of harassment, students will be disciplined for their participation in the harassment.”

Harassment? Who is harassing who???? Looks like the school is doing the harassment to me.

Eric Williams, a Waterloo High School senior told the Daily Caller, “They said any other act of protest like what they said the line was, was to be brought down with disciplinary measures…That alone is a violation of our first constitutional right to assemble peacefully and organized. We were doing only what the administration told us to do and we get punished for following it, that is unfair and with everything else I’ve stated, I’m quite frankly disappointed with our board and administration with how they handled this. The email only solidified that the line, and any other kind of petition or protest, is going to be silenced.”

Anna Demers, a Waterloo High School senior, told the Daily Caller News Foundation “We were told to use a single stall restroom in the nurse’s office if we were uncomfortable with persons of the opposite genitalia in our restrooms. We all stood in line, to use the restroom, and to make a statement. When we tried to stress our safety concerns prior to the events Friday, we were not acknowledged and heard. The events on Friday were peaceful on our part, aside from a few disrespectful individuals, which is inevitable because as teenagers, life is a learning process.”

What started all of this? A biological female had started using the boys’ bathroom and several of the biological males were uncomfortable with the fact that the school allows students to use the bathrooms based on their gender identity instead of biological sex.

The Daily Caller said that the email to the parents from the school said, “The school district alleged that the students and parents, including some who stood in line to use the bathroom made ‘disparaging comments about transgender students.’”

However. Eric Williams said, “The students that are involved in the LGBTQ+ community think negatively towards us in all aspects. While we were peacefully waiting in line to use the restrooms the administration told us we could use Friday, we were getting verbally harassed by the members, we were called homophobic and transphobic. That just is not true. I am not scared nor do I hold any hatred. Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less what they do with their body and what they identify as but when it reaches my security, privacy and sanctity, that is where it crosses the line.”