Like spam compared to the original stylish steak of Camelot, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is running for president.

The deep green nutjob who has the medical knowledge of Jenny McCarthy will try to recapture the tired old Kennedy mojo that is unknown to anyone under 50. To most voters the Kennedys are a Simpsons punchline. As it should be.

The most corrupt political family in American history long ago shot their bolt, as most everything they touched in the White House turned to trash.

Bay of Pigs, Vienna, Cuban Missile Crisis, lip service on civil rights, mob ties, the list of Kennedy debacles goes on and on. All hat and no cowboy, their appeal was superficially stylish. Though granted, through assiduous courting of the press, they did that well.

You’ll even see today, mostly in liberal news coverage, a groveling towards Camelot. Which is strange, as given his opinions Jack Kennedy would today be considered a Republican.

I’ll even admit a childhood political infatuation with the Kennedys. They seemed cool to a seven year old history geek impressed by idolatrous press coverage. A good seventh grade social studies teacher set my mind right on that score by having me go past the image and research the record. There, the Kennedys are found wanting.

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The candidate’s father was no prize either. A vicious little megalomaniac, Bobby Kennedy stuck the boot in opponents just because he could. He used his slot as Attorney General to spy and harass his brother’s political rivals. His change from pugnacious operator to love generation guru only fooled the gullible. His kid isn’t far afield of the family tree.

Combined with the new agey Marianne Williamson, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. could make the debates interesting. That is, if Biden shows up at all.

Williamson will go on about crystals and chakras and Kennedy will counter with love poems dedicated to the snail darter. If Biden can remain awake and or coherent he’s likely to blather canned responses. Kennedy, an attorney, could nail him to the wall. If he does, things could get interesting.

Also, for a Dem, Kennedy is loathed by a lot of media because of his anti Covid vaccine stance. It will be fun to see MSNBC trash him while still paying homage to his has been family legacy.

DC gossip says Kennedy plans to go full bore after Biden from the left. He’s trying to pull the same stunt his dad tried with LBJ in 1968. But at least the kid doesn’t have to make the fake transformation from political hachetman to leftist peacenik, as did his father. The kid is already wacky and spoiling for a fight. So let’s hope Kennedy takes a couple of primaries and succumbs to temptation and family legacy by going after Biden in earnest. Then for Republicans, it’s popcorn time.