A gay friend once told me that women’s shoes, like stiletto heels, are so uncomfortable because they are designed by gay men and they hate women.

Well, be that as it may, but another type of guy, really an advanced transvestite, seems to equally loathe women and is more than getting away with viciously making fun of them. The usual suspects, even feminists, are applauding the ridicule or at least keeping quiet.

Let’s see, what are the usual clichés about chicks. Hysterical, weak,  emotionally unstable airheads. Kind of flitting around the scene like retarded Bambis. If normal men said that they would be strung up by the Thought Police.

But let a guy masquerading as a woman, what modern society calls a transgender woman, showcase these traits and corporations like Anheuser Busch yip yip hooray and throw millions at the once verboten stereotypes. Case in point, Dylan Mulvaney.

Have you seen his videos where he extols his “girlhood”? In one he prances about a field in heels telling us how much he loves nature when a bug appears and he freaks out like a toddler encountering Godzilla.

Now, I don’t know the females you hang out with. But my better half, my daughters, and my best pal, upon coming upon a bug in a field, would either kill it or ignore it and continue on their journey unfazed.

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In another video, Mulvaney pretends to go to a gym. As Brendan O’Neill puts it in Spiked, “He does naff high kicks and star jumps, all while wearing a look of mouth-agape ditziness. Girls, what are you like! As many pissed-off women have pointed out, it looks nothing like a woman doing a workout. It looks more like a camp actor auditioning for A Chorus Line. Which, fundamentally, is what Dylan Mulvaney is. And yet he’s garlanded with praise.”

What Mulvaney is selling is an insult to women, reducing them to skittish comic figures who blanche or preen at every opportunity. Margaret Thatcher, Winsome Sears, Amelia Earhart, skittish? Not bloody quite.

Where are most of the leaders of feminism on this? Where are the Hag Brigades? AWOL. They’d rather see a poseur make them out to be screeching infants than break ranks with the perv left.

O’Neill again, “Mulvaney’s schtick is incredibly sexist. His diary of ‘girlhood’ gives the impression that femaleness is an act. You thought womanhood was biological, cultural, historical and relational, a thing of real substance and meaning? Think again. It’s drag, basically. It’s eyeshadow and hair extensions. From his make-up tutorials to his videos on how he tucks his bollocks into his swimsuit, Mulvaney’s vision of ‘womanhood’ is entirely fatuous.” Exactly.

Anheuser Busch has backed off Mulvaney, perhaps literally, and that particular shtick is over. But we will no doubt be treated to more men dressing up like girls, all the while insulting competent adult women with their Lollipop Boy routine. It seems today that the depths of depraved absurdity have no rock bottom for the cultural left. Rather, their attitude is that of the limbo: How low can you go?