Reports have come out recently that say our incompetent president and his equally incompetent military leaders, who are too busy being woke to defend our country, allowed China to collect intelligence from their spy ballon as it traveled from one American coast to the other. Because the Biden administration took no immediate action, China was able to collect intelligence from January 28th when it entered the airspace in Alaska through February 4th when it was finally shot down over the Atlantic.

The Daily Mail reports that according to two senior U.S. officials and a former senior administration official, “The Chinese ‘spy balloon’ that flew across the U.S. in February gathered intelligence from several American military sites before it was shot down.”

The spy balloon traveled over, among other things, U.S. nuclear missile sites and was able to make multiple passes over military sites in a figure-eight formation. It’s also reported to have been able to transmit information in real time back to China.

The only reason we even know about the spy balloon is because civilians noticed it on February 1st in Montana – and social media posts went up after that with balloon sightings as it made its way across the country with the approval of the Biden administration. With all of the civilian reports and news features on local television, the national media finally had to report on the spy balloon.

China apparently collected information from electronic signals – that includes American military signals that “can be picked up from weapons systems or communications between personnel on the base” according to The Daily Mail.

The spy balloon is also reported to have had a self-destruct mechanism that China could have activated remotely. The wreckage of the balloon is still being analyzed by our government but I doubt the American people will ever learn the whole truth about the spy balloon or what information was collected.

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The Dems will continue to lie about it and pretend it’s not a big deal.

President Disaster told Telemundo on February 9th, “It’s not a major breach. Look, the total amount of intelligence gathering that’s going on by every country around the world is overwhelming.”

A Defense Department spokesperson also downplayed the spy balloon’s intelligence gathering and said on Monday that any intelligence that was collected had “limited additive value” for China.

Yep. Nothing to see here, folks. The administration of our China-compromised president has given us the “all clear.”