First it was Occupy Wall Street. Then a group got together called the Bernie Bros who would show up at Trump events and cause problems. Then it turned into a melting pot of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa going after people they didn’t like – police, Trump supporters, whoever…

The Democrats called it protesting. But they are intolerant people and they don’t stop at protesting. It always turns into violence. Their buddies in the fake news reporting on what they were up to showed burning buildings in the background and still the reporters called it “mostly peaceful.” Mostly.

Rioting is what sane people called what BLM and Antifa were doing – not to mention the arson, assaults and murder that they committed. The violence hit a frenzied pace during the election season because it was meant to. The BLM/Antifa army was the army of the Democrats and they were “all-in” getting Trump out of office.

And as the Democrats continued their “Defund the Police” mantra and got their leftists prosecutors and judges in place so that the country could become pro-criminal, the criminals took notice that they weren’t going to get charged for much – and if they did, they wouldn’t be in jail long – and if they had to stay in jail, they would likely get their crimes pled down to misdemeanors. So they would walk out free, with a rap sheet of about 96 crimes behind them – and not have a care in the world.

Others who took notice of this new pro-criminal world were the college kids who don’t want conservatives on their campus – or anyone speaking about God – or against the trans lifestyle – or anything at all that they don’t agree with. It used to be that they would shout and yell and call names and try to get the speakers un-invited. But now they have stepped up their game. They realize that being an Antifa-like protester is the way to go.

The latest target of the leftists is college swimming champion Riley Gaines who was at San Francisco State University giving a speech about saving women’s sports (from the trans movement). The students (activists) who showed up at the facility not only protested Gaines, they assaulted her. When the students ambushed her, she had to barricade herself inside of a room for three hours.

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Gaines was punched twice – but Jamillah Moore, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, said online that the school is “proud” of the students. She also said they “participated peacefully.”

Gaines was incensed by Moore’s statement about the event being peaceful and told The Daily Mail, “I was assaulted. I was extorted and held for ransom. The protestors demanded I pay them if I wanted to make it home safely.”

The San Francisco police said there were no arrests.

Of course there weren’t. That’s why this sort of thing will continue to happen.