As expected, Joe Biden officially launched his bid for a second term yesterday, and he has many headwinds to deal with.

At 80, he is already the oldest person to occupy the Oval Office, and there are many questions about his abilities to do the job now. If he were re-elected, he would be 86 by the time he left the job—and let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone, including Democrats or the subservient media, wants that to happen.

Polling numbers are getting worse all the time for the octogenarian—and that’s not likely to change.
The President’s positions on numerous issues like the open border, the Green New Deal, EVs, inflation, and much more are very unpopular.

But it is his age that turns off voters in this country more—and the normally protective press is not protecting him now, but they will in a rematch with Donald Trump. In 2024 they will circle the wagons and protect him any way they can, no matter who the Republican nominee is—let’s just be straight about that.

And despite his age and poor approval numbers, some, including Newt Gingrich, believe he may be the best option for the socialists to go with right now.

And then we come back to the point. He would be 86 years old if he made it to January of 2029—and we can only wonder what would be left of America if he really did stay in office until then. The damage done already is jaw-dropping, and just imagine what else could pile up over six more years.

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But what about all the problems blowing up now for Team Biden?

A recession is likely coming if it’s not already here. The border is going to melt down in about two weeks, and there is simply no plan to deal with it. In fact, an open border appears quite clearly to be the plan, and Democrats are using it to flood the country with illegals—to our detriment. But of course, they don’t care.

And then there is Hunter. Congressman James Comer, the lead investigator on one of the Biden corruption investigations, recently stated that their informant knows of evidence implicating Joe Biden in his family’s pay-to-play schemes.

Even worse for the Prune Juice President, Comer said that more, previously unnamed, Bidens are being implicated as the investigation continues.

The obstacles in Joe’s way continue to grow.