Are conservative women better looking than leftist women, at least through the lens of the media?

Wellll…the fetching left wing female Prime Minister of Finland was recently voted out of office. Why? In a leaked video she looked like she was having way too much fun at a party. A French female Cabinet minister of the Macron government posed for Playboy. The usual prudish feminist suspects were outraged.

Yes, girls of the left can be eye candy. But that is the exception rather than the general rule. Leftist girls, if they are girls at all, tend to be aesthetically challenged.

On our side of the international aisle, both the current Prime Minister of Italy and the Mayor of Madrid are comely female conservative politicians. Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss was certainly intriguing in this regard. Sadly none of them have a drunken party video.

In America our lasses cut quite a charming swath. Nikki Haley is nothing to sneeze at. Lauren Boebert is way cute. Kristi Noem and Nancy Mace are out and out lovely. I am no doubt missing others of similar ideology and pulchritude.

Haley has a girl next door thing going for her, Boebert a Western wild girl attraction, and Noem and Mace are classically attractive. I’ve spoken to Mace once or twice. She’s also extremely sharp.

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That only counts US politicians, to say nothing of conservative punditry or media. Of course, FNC and Fox Business lead the way there. The Fox women combine sophisticated grace with high intelligence, and stunning looks. Their winsome legions are too numerous to individually note in less than a tome. Hard to beat that Fox News combination, especially by the hideous harpies on MSNBC or The View.

Why have our women always been better looking than the left’s dessicated Hag Brigades? OK, another exception for AOC.

Because aside from Ocasio-Cortez, lefty chicks have a modern feminist bluestocking attitude towards men. Man-hating issues twist their visages into dark scowls and make them truly unsightly. Since conservative women are happier, as their lives are not disfigured by leftism, that makes them inherently more attractive. The same goes for distaff conservative politicians.

I for one am all for an appreciation of feminine beauty, even in politicians. Given the state of modern art and culture, our lives are constantly battered by frightful images and allegedly avant garde posturings. As the late Roger Scruton said, beauty is important because it uplifts and inspires. It motivates individuals to greatness. This is true of feminine beauty perhaps more than any other.

As such, 1980s era French president Francois Mitterand said Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had the mouth of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula. Notwithstanding the eyes, it isn’t an exaggeration to say many men not only voted for her but fancied her as well. But enough about the British nanny fetish.

It is a rule in politics that most voters are superficial and guys vote for women they want to bed. Compared to Democrats, that does no harm to Republican turnout numbers.

So, an appreciation of beautiful conservative women is a winner all around, especially aesthetically. Plus, it makes Republican political events much more entertaining to watch. Kind of like a Maxim shoot from the 90s, but in slightly less slutty shoes.