The cable news world has been turned on its head as one network appears to be trying to self-destruct while another seems desperate to clean up its image and get back to doing news.

The biggest bombshell of the week—and yes, it was only Monday—is Fox News dumping its number one rated host, Tucker Carlson, for undisclosed reasons. The backlash has been swift and severe—and in a few days, we will see how far the 8 O’clock timeslot falls from its position of almost total dominance.

There is also word that in addition to Tucker and Dan Bongino, other outspoken voices on the right could soon get shown the exit. Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, and others who are not favored by the new generation of Murdochs might soon be gone too.

The speculation surrounding Tucker’s dismissal from Fox is swirling, centered around last week’s monster settlement between Fox and Dominion voting systems, costing Fox an eye-popping $787.5 million dollars. Others speculate that it was Carlson’s decision to release footage from January 6th that gave a whole different perspective on the events from that day.

So far, we are only in the speculation mode, but I want to share something with you, and that is Tucker Carlson on Friday night seemed to know what was coming, and he knew that changes were on the way.

Look, I do not have a problem pointing to my colleagues that are killing it—and let’s be honest, Tucker Carlson has been killing it for a long time. Because he was on Fox, he had a very big audience, and therefore, he was changing minds, which is not acceptable. You cannot have that kind of impact and call out the Russian Collusion story as complete crap, question the 2020 election and its integrity, or the lack thereof, and make the J6 protestors look like the average Americans they were without having to pay the bill.

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I will give credit where credit is due. Ever since Tucker lost the ridiculous bow tie, he has been moving toward the destruction of the liberal myth that more government is good. Of course, that’s clearly not true based on the behavior of the Democrats themselves.

I mean, if Socialists really believed that more government was the answer, they would never push the whole “Defund the Police” insanity.

After all, the police are the most visible government agents in the largest numbers—yet without explanation, the left says embrace more government—except those that make the citizens of the government safer.

Yes, it is insanity defined.

So far, Tucker has been quiet, but good Lord, the internet exploded, and social media went through a near meltdown between those that love Tucker and those that want him eaten by wolves in a public arena for all to see and celebrate.

But what happens next for a guy rumored to be pulling down $25 million a year?
Bill O’Reilly basically vanished. I mean, he sells millions of books and has a daily news something or other going on, but he just disappeared. And yes, his situation was significantly different—but he was number one when it all imploded.

Brian Williams was the main guy at NBC when his world came crashing down. Lyin’ Brian got busted telling stories that just had no relation to the truth. Why that doesn’t stop Senile Joe Biden right now is a question you will have to answer for yourself.

And, of course, there is the sad tale of Matt Lauer. He was a small-town nobody that became a worldwide superstar until they realized he had an automatic locking door when interns came inside his office—sorry, but no pun intended.

None of these scenarios have any reflection on Tucker Carlson. No, he is a criminal for pursuing the truth and having the balls to discuss it. I put him on a level with just one other person in contemporary America—Rush Limbaugh.

You think about that and tell me if I am wrong. Those two put it all out there. Rush was never canceled, but by God, they tried a million times.

And for Tucker?

Have no fear, we will hear from him soon, and I respect his attitude. America First, Freedom of Speech always, and so much more.
Trust me, friends, Tucker will never be silenced, and neither will I—that is until the actuarial tables run out.

And where does he go from here?
Well, I guess we will find out. Until then, I will be standing here, fighting for freedom and the American Dream and way of life!

To be fair, Don Lemon was also just booted after 17 years on CNN. The only difference was nobody cared!