From here on out, in future articles, I will try to remember to refer to Fox News as WEASEL News because it’s a better name for who they are. After caving to Dominion Voting Systems in a $787.5 million settlement and getting rid of TV hosts Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson, it’s apparent that they have thrown in the towel on representing conservatives, bravely reporting on controversial issues, or winning the 2024 election.

They also threw in the towel on all kinds of great discovery information that they could have gotten on Dominion and they threw the towel in on defending the first amendment.

They are NOT foxes.

Foxes are smart, fast and cunning.

Fox News is not smart and not cunning. Everything on the show is repetitive and corporate. The whole cast of characters, and the different shows, lack any kind of creativity.

Foxes like to pounce. Fox News likes to retreat.

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Everything is “breaking news” on Fox News which means nothing is breaking news.

Foxes have a vast vocal repertoire of whining, yelping, explosive calls, combative calls, growling and barking.

Fox News, for the most part, speaks in one voice with cookie-cutter hosts and commentary where they all parrot the same information and opinions. Those who dare to go off the reservation like Bongino and Carlson get canned.

The network is controlled by people like RINO Paul Ryan and they lack any diversity. I really doubt that the seven white folks and one hispanic on the board of directors have any clue on how to market our message to the Black voters and everyday “forgotten” Americans.

The board of directors at Fox Corp., all but Paul Ryan, is full of elitists from Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. How can they possibly relate to us regular folks?

I am not one who thinks you should appoint people or hire people just because of their race, gender or ethnicity, but if you look at the list of Fox executives, business unit leaders and board of directors, there are 25 positions. There are no Black people in those positions and only four women.

This has resulted in a network that doesn’t relate to the common man and woman and is too cowardly to fight for the conservative message and those who want to bring it to us.

Fox News have not earned the right to be called FOX News. Nope, their new mascot is the weasel.

Weasels feed on those smaller than themselves and are considered “vermin.” They burrow and they eat rodents. And most telling of all, weasels are often considered to be Machiavellian – which means they are duplicitous and act in bad faith.

The Fox News Channel is owned by Fox News Media which is owned by the FOX Corporation. The name traces back through history to 1915 with the Fox Film Corporation founded by William Fox. It’s successor was the 20th Century Studios after William lost control of his company after the Wall Street crash and a hostile takeover.

That’s what we need now. A hostile takeover of Fox News by actual conservatives with a backbone.