About a thousand leftist protesters, most reported to be young people under the age of 30, showed up outside of the Tennessee State Capitol last Thursday in an attempt to enter it during a session of the legislature.

Just the News reports that “Tennessee State Troopers were forced to intervene during a demonstration by proponents of gun control.” The protest was most likely tied to the Nashville mass shooting by the transgender murderer at a Christian school that killed three kids and three staff members.

The Tennessee Star says that a riot was stopped by state troopers after “Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) and at least two other far-left Democrat state representatives encouraged a crowd of more than a thousand protesters to breach the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber floor during a gun control demonstration.”

Two other Democrats were also involved in the riot – Justin Pierson (D-Memphis) and Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville). Apparently, a cellphone video shows Jones and Pierson shouting encouragement to the protesters with a bullhorn.

Rioters were pushed back from entering the Capitol from the ground floor and the gallery above where lawmakers have offices. Video of the event shows rioters shouting obscenities at police in addition to them shouting “no action, no peace.”

The House reportedly recessed and reconvened later.

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Insurrections and attempted insurrections are obviously okay (and rarely reported on by the fake news media) if they are done by Democrats and for leftist causes. Not so much when done by Republicans and Trump supporters.

Just like everything else.