Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is toying with a presidential run. Knowing South Carolina is an early primary, he figures a win there, especially against fellow SCer Nikki Haley, could give him momentum towards the nomination.

Scott seems like a perfect candidate. A self-made man and a serious conservative across the board, he is also smart, likable, and respected on both sides of the aisle. Though that would change if he runs. As he’s a black Republican conservative he would get the Clarence Thomas treatment from the Democrats and the left.

He’s very popular with evangelicals, a serious part of the Republican base, and is a tremendous fundraiser. Scott has $20 million in the bank to use for a presidential run if he takes the plunge. Though he may share some significant donors with Nikki Haley, given their mutual SC base.

Scott has been making the rounds across America. “All this is further indication that Tim Scott’s Faith in America message is resonating as he travels the country. Republicans are being introduced to Scott, and so far they like his optimistic message,” a campaign source told Fox. Yeah, typical cant. But it’s a hint towards his intentions.

However, his potentially biggest draw might be called the Obama factor. We know that there are very dumb racists out there who vote for someone solely based on skin color. Many of them are guilty whites and suburban women. Barack Obama used that to get to the Oval Office. Would a Scott run have a similar effect?

Would your typical gullible guilty white vote for Scott and the Republicans in a general election because Scott is black? Would black Americans cross the aisle and vote for Scott based on racial loyalty? In states that allow open primaries, would independents and others vote for Scott based on their own self congratulation for voting for a black man? Would some leftists be unable to vote against a black candidate?

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If any of the above is true Scott could have an advantage not enjoyed by any other Republican presidential candidate. Also, fellow Republicans would treat him with kid gloves so as not to be seen even slightly aggressive against a black candidate.

How would Trump treat Scott? The former president is the exception. He’d go after Scott as he would anyone else. Which is admirable in a way. Trump is many things, but neither a bigot nor a guilty white. Though some of his base might enjoy attacks on Scott a tad too much.

The Republican field for 2024 is getting crowded, which helps Trump by chopping up his opposition in easily digestible pieces. Will one emerge to go mano y mano with the former chief executive? If one candidate does spring out from the pack, Trump better hope it’s not Tim Scott. For reasons theorized above, he could give the current front runner some nasty surprises.