So, believe it or not, the 2024 campaign for President is already heating up—and you know former President Trump is among those that have formally announced a run.

Joe Biden, the oldest person to ever occupy the Oval Office, is set to unleash his ‘sleeping through the election’ efforts this week. Or will it be lost in the basement part II?

Either way, we are on the trail to the White House, and honestly, Joe is not getting much love out there right now. It seems even Democrats are leery about a guy old enough to be a great-grandfather running for his second term.

Of course, that is not the only question being asked about Joe Biden. You see, it’s not just that he is remarkably old and incredibly short on intelligence, talent, and leadership skills. It’s that there are piles of questions about his honesty and integrity.

This, of course, is nothing new. Joe has been dogged by such concerns for years. He was forced to drop out of a presidential race years ago for flat-out lying about his college years—his grades and degrees too.

Of course, this is a guy who falsely claims he drove an 18-wheeler for a while, was called by the Israeli Prime Minister as a college sophomore to mediate the Six-Day War in the Middle East, and has met with Chinese Chairman Xi for hundreds of hours—which is almost enough to make you feel bad for Xi. Of course, that is just a cursory review of his many laughable claims that have all been proven to be blatant lies.

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In order to keep Biden’s obvious flaws and failings in the background of the election, Democrats will muddy the waters with their patented climate fear-mongering.
And honestly, what would the Democrats be without their bold climate rhetoric to scare the daylights out of Gen-Z and other children?

You can at least chalk up the 20-somethings supporting Biden to their brains still not being fully formed yet. But there are some who claim to be adults, such as Michigan’s own Debbie Dingell, who think an 81-year-old would be great for a second term.

There are plenty of Democrats willing to stick out their neck for the geriatric-in-chief even though it is clear he should not serve again.

You see, 81-year-olds fall asleep in the La-Z-Boy with a ballgame on the tv they claim to have been watching when you change the channel. They play bingo on Friday and get the early bird special at Captain D’s. They’ve done their work and have earned their retirement. They shouldn’t be running countries.

Biden running again is not about doing what’s best for America. It’s about keeping the Democrats in power. Plain and simple.