During the fun-filled Chicago Democratic National Convention of 1968 Mayor Daley’s boys in blue played a rather rambunctious game of tag with thousands of hippie miscreant protesters.  The peaceniks got the bad end of the stick on that one.

As such, the silent majority watched and came to the proper conclusion about Democrat abilities to run a police department, a political convention, or anything else for that matter. They lost the presidential general election in November. To make it even better, they lost to Nixon.

Not to be outdone by 1968, given Chicago’s current state of near anarchy, the Democrat decision to throw their convention in August of 2024 in Chicago is like Hitler throwing a party day rally in Dresden in April of 1945.

Modern Chicago has on daily display the effects of most Dem policy profiles, on steroids. Crime, corruption, economic stagnation, a crumbling inner city, and other fruits of the Great Society, the War on Poverty, and modern wokism define today’s Windy City. And perhaps Chicago’s best advertisement for the Dems? Sheer mayhem.

Fox, last Sunday, “Hundreds of teenagers stormed the streets of downtown Chicago Saturday night, smashing car windows, attacking bystanders and sending panicked tourists running from the sound of gunfire.

“Some teens in the group began jumping up and down on cars, smashing windows and attacking people inside. One woman told Fox 32 her husband was attacked from the driver side of his vehicle and beaten after a group of teens jumped up and down on the couple’s windshield. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

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“Police were seen escorting frightened tourists back to their cars or hotels to escape the chaos, and traffic on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue ground to a halt as police attempted to restore order.” Notice the attempted part.

The hard left Dem mayor-elect’s response? “…It is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” Ah, I see. No art institute in your neighborhood and it is natural that gangs of marauding teenagers take to the streets, eh? That must be why the very same thing happens in Appalachia all the time, huh?

Can you imagine if the same scene greets Dem delegates in August of next year? A noted academic friend of mine theorized at a recent weekend house party that all it would take would be for one or more Dem delegates to come to harm in Chicago and the political consequences could be interesting indeed.

Or perhaps, as the Dems are the principal authors of their municipal misery, thousands of indignant Chicagoans will confront the Bolshie rabble visiting their city to likely renominate a deluded old man for high office. Maybe the victims of Dem malfeasance will come to their senses and shake the very foundations of that convention with their justified ire. But that would take a Chicago populace who had not slaked their ideological thirst with the poisonous kool-aid of socialism and wokism. Ergo, fat chance for any fun in Chicago next August. Pity.