Perhaps the greatest journalist in American history, H.L. Mencken, said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Well, Chicago seems to be a very common place and is about to get it harder than they ever have. Why? After years of the amazingly woke and incompetent municipal government of Mayor Lori Lightfoot they booted her out. Fine. But then what did the Windy City do? They just elected as mayor a guy who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders and is likely both more woke and incompetent than Lightfoot was.

On Lightfoot, FNC’s Judge Jeanne Pirro commented, “This is a woman who didn’t understand her constituents, who didn’t understand that the first order of government is the safety of its people. Her policies damaged Chicago politically, economically, sociologically.”

Homicides in Chicago in 2021 hit a 25-year-max reaching 797, according to the Chicago Police Department. Apparently, Chicago wants more of the same.

Fox, “Progressive Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson defeated his moderate opponent, former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, to take the Chicago mayor’s race, replacing outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who came in third before the runoff.”

Vallas is no conservative, but is not a screaming meemie wackjob out of the Sanders school like Johnson. What you’ll now see more of is the kind of racist, sexist, defund the police horse manure that has served San Francisco and Los Angeles so well.

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In fact, I probably owe California an apology when compared to Chicago. Yes, I’ve written that California is horrible. But is has passable beaches and gorgeous airhead starlets. Even Nancy Pelosi was once hot.

Chicago? Good food, I’ll give you that. A really raucous St. Patty’s Day celebration, or so I hear. And, and…?

Hideous weather, dangerous neighborhoods, underwhelming sports teams, and to top it off, a record of electing Democrat mayors since 1931. And the last Republican, Thompson? Corrupt as all get out and a fave of Al Capone. Yeah, they sure can pick ’em in Chicago.

Now, as the corruption is just the way they do business these days, they’ve graduated to woke incompetence. A murder rate going through the roof? Talk about fake racism, though it’s actually blacks who are the victims of the worst crimes. Schools failing? Make sure the kids are getting their perv pronouns right. It goes on and on.

Democrats both in Chicago and nationwide have a habit of fiddling while their respective Romes are burning. As long as they please the PC Thought Police they seem pleased with themselves. The citizens they swore to serve and protect? They get a kielbasa right up the wazoo. This will continue for the long term foreseeable future, as urban communities all over America continue to drink woke kool-aid. Nothing we can do about it. Such is democracy. Mencken was right.