While we’ve been busy watching developments in AI, reading about the planning of King Charles’ coronation and following the antics of Bud Light, things at the open southern border have been “business as usual” – which means more and more illegal aliens are flooding into our country.

Just the News reports that “migrant encounters at the U.S. border with Mexico surged 23% in March over February.” According to the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol), the number of invaders sits at 191,900 combining “migrant encounters between Ports of Entry and those non-citizens processed at Ports of Entry.” In February, that number was 156,138.

CBP reports that more than two-thirds (69%) of those March encounters were single adults. They also say the increase between February and March is “typical” because the weather is getting better as we approach spring.

But wait…there is more to come when Title 42 expires in May. Title 42 is what allows our federal government to expel illegal aliens on public health grounds (COVID-19).

Texas Governor Greg Abbot met with a Sheriff’s Coalition recently and said, “As big as the challenge has been already, the magnitude and challenge of that size is about to get a whole lot bigger with the lifting of Title 42. Because of the magnitude of the challenges that we deal with today, every county in Texas is now a border county.”

Former Terrell County Sheriff Clint McDonald, who is part of a Sheriff’s Coalition (which includes Democrats and Republicans) told Fox News’ Steve Doocy, “As soon as Title 42 is lifted, that’s just going to be an invitation to everyone to hit our border as hard as they can.”

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And they are free to hit the border while sick with no pushback from the Biden administration.

Doocy pointed out a New York Post story that said 50% of the illegal aliens coming into New York are not vaccinated for polio and they pass through countries with high rates of TB. There have also been outbreaks of chicken pox in shelters housing the newcomers. Doocy said, “I don’t believe the Biden administration is addressing potential diseases that the migrants are coming into the country with.”

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (who is now a registered independent, not a Democrat) says that she doesn’t think that the Department of Homeland Security is ready for the end of Title 42 and says they have been “derelict in their duty.”

She said, “I have been trying to get them to prepare for this for well over a year, including introducing legislation that would extend the time that Title 42 exists in order for them to get their stuff together…“They haven’t done it, so I continue to urge the [Biden] administration to do it.”

That’s unlikely to happen since their goal is to have MORE illegal immigration for as long as possible.