Add President Disaster’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to the long list of Democrats who rigged the 2020 election so that Biden would beat Donald Trump. Biden, who had less enthusiasm for his campaign than a person going to a root canal and about four supporters per event, was a laughable incognito president who ran his campaign from his basement during the pandemic (because he was following COVID-19 protocols, of course). Trump, on the other hand, had a gazillion people show up at his rallies and somehow he lost. Yeah, right.

The fix was in when a large number the state’s illegally and unconstitutionally changed their voting laws whether it pertained to things like voter ID, same day registration or absentee ballots. Then you have all of their Democrat friends who helped out – in what can probably be called the biggest election interference scheme of all time, documented by leftist Time Magazine. They did SUCH a great job in fact that they couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. They had to brag about it. Because ultimately, what can happen to them? Nothing. And there is NO mechanism that I have seen that can overturn an illegally won election. It IS what it is and the Democrats knew it going into their debauchery.

Not only does the Time article admit that the Democrats have control of the violent groups like Black Lives Matter, but they also admitted that there was a “conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes” – a “shadow effort” to win the vote. They helped the states change voting laws, they sent millions of money into the voting system and other areas for their cause and did a lot more crap, some we know about and some we don’t. They were organized and committed – something that Republicans rarely are. And as we have seen over the years, the election “conspiracy” involved elected Democrats at the highest levels too.

That includes Biden’s Secretary of State. Just the News is reporting that “a former acting CIA director, Michael J. Morell, has admitted to Congress that he helped organize the letter that falsely portrayed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation in an effort to influence the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden and that his role was “triggered” by a call from current Secretary of State Antony Blinken.” This information came to light in a letter released last week by House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan.

What will be done about this? Nothing? Blinken won’t pay for his crimes and Trump will not be installed as president. Because as I said earlier, there’s no mechanism to remove a president from office and install his opponent if a corrupt president and his party corruptly won a presidential election.

Sure, there is impeachment, but that gives Kamala the job. And who wants that? No one I know – on either side of the political aisle.