The Biden Administration pulled a Good Friday news dump, hoping to get a report on the massive failure that was the pullout from Afghanistan on the record but not in the headlines.

This is typical leftist maneuvering now. The report has been in the works for 18 months, and yet the Washington Press Corps didn’t get to see it until just before they were supposed to ask questions about it. And I can tell you, the game played by the Biden Administration on the press is getting old. Even their defenders are sick and tired of getting jerked around.

This is starting to be a pattern for the Administration. Push something out, gaslight the hell out of the press, and basically try to bully them into reporting what the Biden team wants. But nobody can forget the colossal failures of Afghanistan or Joe Biden looking at his watch when the 13 Americans killed by a bomb in Kabul were returned to American soil.

For Biden, it was the beginning of a free fall in popularity, and his poll numbers have never recovered. In fact—right now—his numbers are cratering again—and this time, there may not be a way to climb back out of the hole.

One of the main reasons was what we saw in the briefing room. The press is obviously agitated and not interested in listening to the daily litany of lies, and it seems even they are finally over it too.

America is over the 80-year-old doddering fool in the West Wing that is putting the entire nation in jeopardy, whether it’s the southern border or the Chinese spy balloons that Biden let glide on through without so much as a whimper.

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Americans are also irritated over the two-tier justice system that jams up a former President on very questionable charges while the Biden family skates on what everyone knows are more serious matters—like money laundering and influence peddling.

But I cannot believe they brought back this mess in Afghanistan as if it was a good thing, with John Kirby bragging about Biden’s expert planning and execution.

But look, it’s not like this is some surprise—it’s not. This is par for the course with these people—they will look you in the face and blame the Republicans for the very things they have been doing.

But the Biden team is so used to being covered by the press that they are getting lazy and just stating things we all know are false. Just yesterday, an exasperated Joh Kirby said he doesn’t know why people thought the Afghan pullout was chaotic.

This is why the Democrats—who could be putting together an unstoppable takeover of politics in America—keep failing and why three more states—Louisiana, Wisconsin, and North Carolina—have gone further right and installed Republican supermajorities.