The Democrats have always painted their political enemies as the enemies of the American people. It’s one way they brainwash voters to vote for Democrats. But it’s not bad enough to brand patriotic Americans and the military and Trump voters and MAGA folks as extremists that need to be on watch lists. They are also going after Christians.

In addition to the 40 FBI rats that they have been accused of planting inside of the January 6th riot (probably a big part of causing the riot, no doubt, as instigators), now they are being exposed as trying to develop “undercover sources inside Catholic Church parishes throughout the United States in search of radical elements within the religious faith” That is according to the Just the News website.

Yes, it’s those Christian folks that you have to watch out for. Not the foreign terrorists coming through the open southern border. Not the Islamic zealots. Not the illegal aliens coming into our country involved in drug and sex trafficking. Not Black Lives Matter, Antifa or trans terrorists. Nope. The Christians are the ones who need to be surveilled.

Just the News reports that “The allegation follows a former FBI agent recently revealing a since- retracted field office memo characterizing Catholics with a devotion to the traditional Latin Mass as possible domestic threats.”

At least two senior intelligence analysts have been reported as targeting the Catholic community from the field office in Richmond, Virginia. According to whistleblowers, the FBI also sent the plan to the other FBI offices around the United States.

House Republican Jim Jordan (R-OH) has issued a subpoena to FBI Director Christoper Wray to get all documents relating to the matter.

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In a statement discussing the documents, Republicans said, “This information is outrageous and reinforces the committee’s need for all FBI records about the domain perspective document.”

FBI Director Wray testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence back in the beginning of March and was asked about the FBI Richmond’s office proposal to monitor the Catholic parishes.

He sais, “Let me say that when I first learned of the piece, I was aghast. And we took steps immediately to withdraw it and remove it from FBI systems. It does not reflect FBI standards. We do not conduct investigations based on religious affiliation or practices, full stop.” Wray went on to say that they pursued updated training for “relevant employees” (of course no one was fired) and he said targeting people for religious beliefs and monitoring individual’s religious practices was not acceptable.

The truth is that EVERYTHING is acceptable to the Biden administration – until they get caught.