I want a job as a United States senator. Not only do you put yourself in a position to be a zillionaire, you also don’t have to show up to work. Maybe it’s because the Senate actually doubles as an elderly nursing home.

Three Senators had been away from work for a while, and at the same time – Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrats Dianne Feinstein and John Fetterman. It is only recently that McConnell and Fetterman finally came back to work.

Although Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is the younger of the trio at only 53-years-old, he has been faced with medical and psychological problems since he had a stroke in May of 2022 when he was campaigning for the senate job. Fetterman finally returned to the senate floor on Monday, dressed in a black hoodie and shorts, after he stayed in a facility for six weeks for clinical depression.

As Fetterman entered the Capitol, it was reported that he said, “It’s great to be back. Thank you” and he took no questions from the press.

Feinstein is 89-years-old and has been absent for about two months after being diagnosed with shingles. She has missed almost 60 votes while she’s been gone. And she’s still gone.

Male California Rep. Ro Knanna (D-Fremont) has been encouraging California Gov. Gavin Newsom to appoint a “caretaker senator” and has been calling on Feinstein’s to resign. A caretaker senator would be someone who wouldn’t be in the current race to take her position. Some of the other Democrats have called Knanna’s resignation demand “sexist,” citing that there have been many male lawmakers who served through old age and illness. Others have said that Khanna is supporting Rep. Barbara Lee, who is Black, to replace Feinstein.

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Although Feinstein is refusing to step down, it does appear that she wants to be replaced on one of her committees. According to Slate, “Sen. Chuck Schumer, per Feinstein’s request, is asking that Feinstein be allowed to be temporarily removed, and replaced, on the all-important Senate Judiciary Committee, which has been gummed up for months due to her absence.” Unfortunately for Chuckie, it doesn’t look like the Republicans are going to let that happen.

How long will Feinstein be gone? Who knows. Apparently, there are no rules about actually being in the Senate and voting if you are a senator. You can just BE a senator.

Last but not least, we have 81-year-old Kentucky Senator and Republican Leader Mitch McDonnell who finally returned to the senate floor recently after being gone for six weeks due to injuries sustained from a fall at a DC hotel, including a concussion and a rib injury.

Upon his arrival, he said, “I’m very happy to be back. There’s important business for Congress to tackle.” He also scolded President Biden for not returning to the debt ceiling bargaining table with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

I’m sure that the House members are jealous of these three yahoos. The members in the House of Representatives really thought they had it good by being able to vote by proxy and not show up in DC. But it’s the senators who really have the crazy good deal – they can stay home and not do their job at all.