The hatred of the police, the “Defund the Police” movement, the soft on crime prosecutors and judges…this insanity coming out of the pro-criminal Democrat party keeps moving merrily forward while people all across the country are being assaulted and killed.

But as long as the Dems do things to look like they’re helping the “underserved,” they think they will continue to get votes to win elections. So it’s an election strategy that hasn’t totally backfired on them yet which means their friends who are in on the collusion with them are still helping out.

One of those colluders appears to be the New York Times. Best-selling author James Patterson recently ripped the NYT a new one over the placement of his new book on their Best Sellers list – actually it’s the LACK of placement that he’s complaining about and exposing.

Patterson’s recent book “Walk the Blue Line: No Right, No Left” is being snubbed by the elites at the NYT who don’t like cops – especially when they’re painted in a positive light.

A Kirkus review on Amazon says about the book, “Police officers risk their lives every day to protect and serve our homes, families and communities. Here is a notable collection of heartfelt stories from the front line told with honesty and compassion.”

The book failed to make the NYT Best Seller list even though Patterson said it outsold all but three of his books on the list of 15 according to BookScan (they compile book sales data).

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Looks like Patterson thinks that the NYT is “cooking the books” and he said so in his tweet. He said he wrote a letter to the editor about it and they told him that they didn’t rely on just “raw” sales. They also didn’t run his letter in their paper or on their website – but you can read it in Patterson’s tweet.

Patterson said to NYT, “I understand you responded to a recent query from my publisher regarding a book containing what I believe to be important and illuminating firsthand stories by American police – by saying that you don’t just pay attention to ‘raw’ sales…I guess that means you favor the cooked variety.”

Because the book didn’t make the NYT bestsellers list upon release, Patterson said it hurts his chance at better sales and publicity.

But Patterson and others who write nice stories about the police shouldn’t fret because the NYT says they are “always reviewing our methods in compiling the Best-Seller Lists to ensure that we are best serving our readers.”