It is a very dark day in American History. April 4th will be as ugly as 9/11, April 14th, and November 22nd.

Today is the day that a radical far-left local District Attorney will break nearly 250 years of tradition by securing an indictment against a former president, Donald Trump.

And though the indictment is technically sealed, information has leaked from the office of Alvin Bragg, and we expect some 30 charges—felonies, we are told. But until we have more information, we are still in the dark.

However, telling a former president and current presidential candidate he is not even allowed to discuss the matter is likely coming as well—something I would describe as an open affront to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

And I say that because we have also been led to believe that the judge, in this case, will almost certainly issue a gag order—meaning Trump would be in contempt of court for posting on social media or discussing the case at campaign rallies.

But the left may have misjudged the whole thing because right now, they are transforming Donald Trump into a martyr who is raking in millions of dollars. It seems this whole thing will almost certainly solidify his nomination as the Republican Party’s Presidential candidate for next year.