I have been seeing socialist, alt-left activists on social media challenging Republicans to describe what “woke” is. It seems like a very strange challenge, but I decided that for illustration purposes, I should take them up on it. Now, remember, I don’t have all day, so I decided just to make a short list of what “woke” is.

Woke is:

A socialist ideology wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of doing “common sense” reforms while tearing down the institutions and fabric of America.

Woke is teaching a radical version of history that paints Americans of the past as monsters that destroyed everything they came across in pursuit of enriching themselves.

Woke is the idea that kids should be taught that there are two kinds of people—oppressors and victims—villains and those taken advantage of.

Woke is the idea that 75 strings of letters that have no meaning, according to Merriam-Webster, are actually genders, and you can choose whichever one you want anytime you want—and that male and female is a social construct.

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Woke is the idea that white people are, by definition, racist, while blacks and other minorities cannot be racist by definition.

Woke is the pretended embrace of science while ignoring any and all evidence discounting or disproving whatever you are claiming. For example, the Sars-Cov2 virus that caused the global Covid-19 Pandemic somehow occurred naturally and spontaneously jumped to people or the idea that climate change is due solely to human activity and that if we don’t stop those things, we will be annihilated in a very short time.

Woke is the idea that if you don’t get your way at the Supreme Court, it is because of racism, sexism, or Donald Trump.

Woke is the idea that America is an unfair place where only those who cheat others actually get ahead.

Woke is the idea that abortion, up to the moment of birth, is healthcare and not murder.

Woke is the idea that Joe Biden is competent and that Hillary Clinton would have been a better President than Donald Trump.
Woke is the idea that the people in charge of putting lug nuts on cars at the factory should get paid as much as the people that worked their asses off studying math and physics to create the wheel and the lug nuts in the first place.

Woke is the idea that you are entitled to the fruits of everyone else’s labor, even if you decide to just sit on the couch.

Woke is the idea that taking from the rich to give to the poor is somehow nobler than working your ass off creating wealth.

Woke is the idea that the mob can decide what paying your fair share actually is.

Woke is the idea that you are not entitled to a secure border and that anyone who wants to come here should be allowed because no person can be illegal.

Woke is the idea that because 180 years ago, someone that looked like me might have done something bad to someone that looks like you, I should give you everything I have and be happy to do it.

Woke is the entire idea of reparations, CRT, DEI, and a host of other anti-American, anti-Western Civilization concepts that have no relationship to reality.

Woke is calling someone that disagrees with you a racist or a White Supremacist.

Woke is the idea that you have the right to tell me how I am going to protect myself or my family.

Woke is the idea that you can dictate to me what I eat, how I eat, how much I eat, and where I eat.

Woke is telling me how often I can turn on my lights, flush my toilet or cut my grass.

Woke is dictating to me how much water my toilet can use, how big my car can be, what kind of fuel I can use, and where I can go.

Woke is taxing me for working hard and saving money while taking my taxes to enrich people who do not want to work at all.

Woke is suggesting that China is a wonderful culture while overlooking the murder of 80 million people in the 20th Century.

Woke is the idea that killers should not be held in jail, but those that use the wrong pronoun should be.

Woke is the idea that you can demand anyone use dishonest pronouns to address anyone.
Woke is the idea that words are violence, but violence is ok depending on who you are.

Woke is the idea that I owe you or anyone else anything, now or ever.

Woke is the idea that grown men dressed as grown women are somehow a protected class and not just d-list entertainers in need of regulation.

Woke is the idea that boys and men can fairly compete against girls or women in sports if they change the uniform they are wearing.

Woke is the idea of Modern Monetary Policy, the idea that you can print as much money as you need without worry—and that inflation is transitory.

Woke is the idea that government creates anything or can create wealth.

Woke is the entire idea that equity is somehow better than equality in civilization.

Woke is the idea that silencing me, or anyone else, is preferred to actually defending your point of view and having robust conversations with the free exchange of ideas.

Woke is the mentality that you are too scared to hear what I have to say when I explain exactly what woke is—so you demand that I be canceled.

Wokeness is the most dangerous, deranged, deviant, and divisive ideology since Karl Marx came along—and that is saying a lot now, isn’t it?
Woke is the totality of Marxism, Socialism, Communism, etc., all bound together and regurgitated upon a nation where the majority of people reject it! 

Woke is the perverted collection of deeply flawed concepts that will destroy not only America but all western nations if we don’t wake up.

So, Karen, stick that in your weed pipe and puff on it!