The sainted WFB once said he’d like the entire US Senate to be Republican, except for one hard left Dem. He wanted to make sure people remembered what the left was all about.

So yeah, I know the headline above is harsh if you live in California. But look, you guys have had a lot of chances to change direction. You haven’t taken them. Instead you’ve doubled down on almost every conceivable folly.

Now true, some people are not able to leave that socialist dungeon for various reasons. My heart goes out to you. But for every one of you like that there are scores who applaud the sexism, racism, and general medieval mayhem of the joint. To them I say, you deserve it.

California, and also New York, serve as a laboratories of stupidity. They are wonderful reverse barometers of what works and doesn’t work in government. If we get a Republican president next election then a likely Republican Congress should pass The California Opposite Act of 2025. It would mandate that all other states save New York pass legislation with exactly the opposite purpose and effect of anything that becomes law in California. That would give us shining exemplars of the wrong thing to do on either coast and we could act accordingly. They would be beacons of empirical evidence, lighthouses of idiocy, to warn the rest of America to think twice about woke socialism. Thus, as a stark reminder of what happens when you vote for one party Bolshevik rule, what’s bad for California is good for America.

And actually, to root for the dramatic failure and post-apocalyptic status of California is to do the poor wretches a favor. Maybe traipsing along the line of complete societal breakdown they’ll put down the political crack pipes and come to their senses. Unlikely, I know.

How much worse can it get on the left coast? With San Francisco already a giant municipal litter box and Los Angeles a mixture of gangland bloodletting and Tinseltown airhead depravity, there’s nowhere to go but up.

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Though I may be underestimating the creative impulse of Californians. No doubt there are depths of disgust they have only planned but not yet executed. On the drawing board may be billions in reparations for midgets or week long paid vacations to commemorate the genius of Pol Pot. The state flag could be changed to reflect current realities, say a porta potty superimposed on a field of used syringes.

Of course, California could somehow someway reform itself back into a location fit for humans to live. The halcyon days of Ronald Reagan and the Beach Boys could return, when adolescents only ruled the airwaves and not the halls of Sacramento.

However, we all know that’s not in the cards. It’s going to get a lot worse there before it gets even worse than that. Such are the wages of woke socialism and so goes California. Let it be a lesson for the rest of America.