The border is wide open while the Democrats claim it’s secure. Everyone knows that’s a lie; just ask the folks in El Paso or Yuma, Arizona, where the hospital is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy after being overrun by illegals. Not to mention all the stress on schools and social services.

Republicans want to build a wall and secure the country, but Democrats scream racism while living in their lily-white gated communities pontificating about diversity.

Inflation is crushing middle-class and lower-income families in America today, and there is no end in sight. In fact, the fed is about to jack up interest rates again because they are nowhere near the 2% rate they need. But Joe Biden keeps claiming we are all doing great. Of course, with his ugly brain fog, he might actually believe that and that he drove an 18-wheeler or that he marched in the civil rights movement—which, of course, he didn’t.

Our cities are on fire with rioting and crime—murders and violence are totally out of control. Republicans want to hire more police officers and back the blue while many on the left keep harping on ‘defund the police.’

There is a complete disconnect in schools where teachers’ unions and activist educators want to push transgender ideology and teach kids that America is a racist and terrible place with victims and oppressors determined by skin color.

That’s not all that’s gone wrong. Unless you have reached the one percent, and maybe even then, you are not immune to the exploding prices of everything from food to transportation to medication and shelter.

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The price of everything is off the charts, and with more interest rate hikes that will hit anyone trying to buy a house or a used car, it’s getting worse.

Although we face the same problems, many take the opportunity to name-call and throw baseless accusations instead of searching for solutions. This is nowhere more pronounced than in the media. The corporate rags and talking heads always blame conservatives for America’s problems, even though any rational conversation would disprove such a fallacy.

But not everyone is buying what the left-wing cable outlets are pushing—and some of those are on the far left.

While appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, actor Russell Brand took MSNBC to task for being essentially propaganda. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel if people feel like they can say the truth on a network like HBO.