At a crucial point in the film The Hunt for Red October Soviet torpedoes are heading towards the submarine. The sub has defected to the Americans.

The commander of the October, former Soviet captain Marko Ramius, doesn’t try evasive maneuvers. Instead he heads into the torps at full speed, colliding with them before they achieved the range to arm themselves. They glanced harmlessly off his boat. When the American captain is asked by the protagonist what just happened, he responds, “Combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.”

So it may be with the Dem plan to indict Trump on the Stormy Daniels hush money case. If they think Trump will try to evade the legal storm they are wrong. He’ll push headlong right into the legal battle and use combat tactics in his favor.

Why? How? He loves drama, thrives on it to the detriment of everything else. He also knows when his devotees see him in handcuffs, he actually may try to arrange his own melodramatic perp walk, they will be enraged to such an extent it will only increase their fervor for the man. Even those not thrilled with Trump, including this writer, feel this is a political prosecution. And lastly, if the case is garbage, as some think, he could be acquitted. Thus Trump could be vindicated and made stronger still. Remember, as Emerson said, when you strike a king you’d better kill him.

“If the state charges are based on a supposed violation of federal campaign finance law, then the Manhattan DA is way off base,” legal expert Hans von Spakovsky told Fox News.

“A settlement payment of a nuisance claim is not a federal campaign expense,” said von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation. “The state DA has no authority to prosecute a federal campaign finance violation in any event.

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“So, the federal agencies with jurisdiction did not consider it a violation,” said von Spakovsky. “Critics of the president claim this not only was a campaign expense that should have been reported but a potentially illegal loan by Cohen. But the settlement was ultimately paid out of Trump’s personal funds and had nothing to do with the campaign since their alleged one-night stand occurred 10 years before the campaign,” writes von Spakovsky. “No reasonable member of a jury would consider this to be a campaign-related expense that needed to be reported, or to which any other campaign finance rules in the Federal Election Campaign Act apply.” But it’ll not be a reasonable jury, but a heavy Dem Manhattan jury. Granted Trump spent decades there. Is there still any sympathy left for him in the Big Rotten Apple? Dems are taking a chance that there absolutely is not.

In fact, the prosecutorial abuse is so bad that Jim Jordan wants Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg in front of the House Judiciary Committee to answer for it.

Elon Musk and others think this Dem political witchhunt will backfire and make a Trump win in 2024 more likely. Another scenario is that the Dems know this and want him to get the nomination because they know they can beat him. Either way, it’s a bad legal case that Trump can play to his advantage. Now the pending case against him in Georgia? That’s a whole other matter, not so easily spun by Trump.