As I have told you from the very early days of the worldwide Covid crisis—the pandemic began in China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where scientists were playing with fire and experimenting with lethal viruses found primarily in bats. More specifically, the horseshoe bat—whose nearest colony to Wuhan is about 900 miles away.

The media, Joe Biden, and uneducated talking heads on TV and radio all over the world pushed the narrative that the virus was naturally occurring. As we all know now, that theory was blown out of the water.

Last night, the Director of the FBI delivered what might prove to be the final blow to the false narrative that it is somehow naturally occurring, admitting that the virus most certainly came from a lab leak in Wuhan.

This is yet another crushing blow to the credibility and integrity of the national and international news media—nearly all of whom spent time ridiculing those of us that called it right from the beginning.

It’s also a harsh reality check for the politicians that turned Covid’s origins into a political circus to attack then-President Trump and his supporters—many of whom never did buy into the accepted narrative.

Not only were people ridiculed and silenced on social media, but others were also even physically assaulted for being honest about the most obvious source of the outbreak.

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Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill yesterday, some were still desperately clinging to the idea that the virus just popped up in a Pangolin or a lizard or some other lunch special. Republican Scott Perry took a State Department official to task, asking for evidence to support the spontaneous lunch meat Covid theory.

But to be fair, I am not the only one who called the Covid pandemic for what it is—and I am not the only one trying to hold people accountable.

One Senator, in particular, has been the tip of the spear in a matter of speaking—tearing down the narrative and calling people out for lying to him and the rest of Congress on a regular basis. And as you might have guessed, it’s Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

So now we know that the FBI is all in on the lab leak theory. The question is, how long will it take the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News, and all the babbling pundits to admit what I have known since early 2020?

The other big story is the battle over student loans that made its way to the Supreme Court yesterday, causing a host of liberals to lose their minds.

No, I am not kidding—and they are doing exactly what I told you they would—because it is so predictable.

They stood on the steps of the nation’s highest court demanding that student loan debt be forgiven for millions of Americans who are on the hook for the education they got.

They scream that if the court doesn’t meet their demands, they are radicalized, extremist, and lacking credibility. This is what the left says every day now—either bend the knee to our demands, or you are not credible.
But I can assure you that the American people, especially working people, are not on board with the idea of paying for their neighbors or their neighbors’ kids to go to college—they are not buying it at all.

Surprisingly, even the coddlers of Joe Biden and his dementia aren’t on board with the idea either.