It appears they are really going to do it. The left-wing zealots in the Manhattan prosecutor’s office are resurrecting the charges against former president Donald Trump for paying off Stormy Daniels many years ago to keep details of an alleged one-night-stand secret.

The case will be very hard to prove—except that it is being debuted in New York to an eager audience—and this, of course, is just the latest attempt to smear, discredit, and destroy the former President. And, like the rest of them, there is almost nothing to go on.

But I want to start by revisiting some things that were said just days before Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States.

While appearing on MSNBC, Chuck Schumer not so subtly threatened Trump, declaring that if he took on the intelligence community for the Russian Collusion story, they could get after him “six ways from Sunday.”

Oh, they had him in the crosshairs from the very start. They attacked both publicly and behind closed doors over and over again. They made false claims, bogus pronouncements, and time and again told us the “walls were closing in” on Donald Trump. What is really remarkable is that when we learn about the Biden family pulling in millions of dollars for what appears to be a clear case of influence peddling, suddenly, the cries to “get Trump” are back in the headlines.

Funny how that works—Joe Biden and several members of his family may have committed actual crimes—not just covering up some tawdry infidelity with some second-rate porn star.
Here’s the thing, if this happens, it might be the best thing to happen to Trump for the 2024 race. Most Americans still have a sense of fair play—and this is anything but fair or appropriate because the case was forgotten years ago by the previous Manhattan prosecutor who hated Trump just as much but knew this case was then and still is a stone-cold loser.

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But it gives left-wing former news outlets like NBC an excuse to ignore the millions of dollars collected by people with the last name Biden from our worst enemies on the planet.

Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton forked out $850,000 to make a sexual harassment lawsuit go away? I do. And I do not remember him getting charged with anything… do you? That happened while Clinton was actually in the White House—not years before—or years later.

This is why some people believe—like Elon Musk—that this could push Trump back into the Oval Office!