No one wants to work anymore. They want to be paid to do nothing. The Democrats want a minimum wage that isn’t based on merit…The Democrat governors try to keep state unemployment benefits going as long as they can…

Leftists in California and around the country want to pay reparations for things that didn’t happen directly to the people they are paying…Teachers got paid for NOT teaching in schools during the pandemic…

“Influencers” on the internet are making millions for just existing and posting about a product they have probably never used…Democrats are letting illegal aliens break into the country to do the work that Americans won’t do…

The trend in America seems to be MONEY FOR NOTHING and your chicks for free. Dire Straits had it right. Getting money and fame by doing easy work is the new American dream.

And every day, we read about how AI (artificial intelligence) is getting more and more sophisticated and getting us closer to that dream. Soon they will take over the world and we will sit at home in our hover chairs (just like in the movie WALL-E) with our Big Gulps, getting our government digital money sent to our government-controlled banks. As described by Pixar these lazy creatures in WALL-E were morbidly obese, floating around in hover chairs, and appear to be completely oblivious to their surroundings.

They are called Axiom Humans. And becoming one seems to be the goal of many people in our country.

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In order to help us do nothing, there are things like self-driving cars, Door Dash, and we have ChatGPT who can write stuff for us – emails, stories, poetry, song lyrics, and more.

According to The Daily Mail, we also have Google who recently announcing an AI system that can write emails, marketing blogs and meeting notes.

So why are we wasting our time working, cooking, driving or even thinking? What is so special about being a human being anyway?

We even have our own version of holograms so that we don’t have to show up in places that we don’t want to – it’s called Zoom.

So it looks like it’s time for everyone to sit back and let the computers communicate with each other while we just sit on the sofa and binge watch The Bachelorette, South Park and Beverly Hills 90210.