The news of former President Trump’s indictment by a Soros bought prosecutor is recent and raw. We haven’t even seen the actual details of the charges yet.

However, the possibilities and scenarios here are labyrinthine. Here are some major ones.

1) Guests on FNC last night were using the term “Rubicon” on a regular basis. Mark Levin screamed it.

For the unenlightened, the Rubicon is a river in Italy that Julius Caesar and his legion crossed on their way to take Rome and make Caesar dictator. By using the term these pundits are implying that we have crossed a river on the way to civil conflict. Pray not.

But it is a cogent point. Is this indictment the modern equivalent of Harper’s Ferry, the first shot in a larger historical epoch? I’ve been talking about a reckoning like this since 2019.

The hard left now feels emboldened. They figure they will win either way. If Trump goes down they win, Ahab gets his whale. If Trump wins the case his martyr narrative gets him the Republican nomination and Dems think they beat him in the general election.

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What the left also wants is a violent Trump supporter reaction to a loss in court. That will rationalize Dem curtailing civil and political rights in the name of national security. This is right out of the Marxist playbook. Hopefully MAGA types don’t take that bait, no matter what happens.

If they do, reactive violence could get out of hand, as state governments may balk at federal repression. DeSantis started that ball rolling by refusing to aid in any extradition of Trump. Factors like that could be the beginning of a reckoning. Rubicon indeed.

2) This is a Dem setup. This indictment turns Trump into a folk hero, to his base, with a martyr’s halo. Many others, not Trump fans, side with him on this issue and soften their opposition to him.

He loses in Manhattan, but his conviction is overturned on appeal. He is also indicted by Georgia and the Special Prosecutor. Those cases are still in court during the primary and general election season. Trump has to testify during the campaign.

Nevertheless, his people storm the GOP primaries in an emotional maelstrom. The Dems want him to use this and get the nomination. He does. Then, as the case and possibly others drag on, he loses in the general.

3) Trump beats the charges and, on the strength of his justified gripes about his political persecution combined with Biden’s Carter-like performance record, goes on to win the nomination and the presidency once again. DeSantis is veep. Or Noem, or Haley.

The Left goes bonkers and sets up a rival government, hoping to destroy the legitimacy of the new administration. Then, throw away the rule book. It’s a free for all likely resorting in violence.

4) Trump is damaged by these charges with moderate Republicans and swing voters. DeSantis gets in the race in late spring of this year.

Trump battles hard in the primaries, he’s already running television ads (targeted at senior citizens) against DeSantis, but loses Super Tuesday to DeSantis. Trump reluctantly endorses him, getting a MAGA veep in return. DeSantis goes on to win the nomination and beats Biden in the general election.

5) Trump loses in the primaries on the electability factor because of the indictments. He either refuses to support DeSantis, or another Republican nominee, or runs as a third party candidate. Biden is reelected.

There are more scenarios regarding the cases and the election. At any rate, no matter what the scenario, it’s going to get sporty. Keep your powder dry.