Have you noticed how no one, specifically politicians, ever stops to admit that they have not done a good job and can do better?

Whatever happened to the proclamation of Missouri Senator turned President Harry S. Truman that ‘the buck stops here?’ The game now is passing the buck as fast as possible and looking to point fingers.

The Democrats, for their part, have become pretty lazy about it. When in doubt, shout racism or blame Donald Trump, which to them has become the same. They don’t care about the truth, facts, protecting America, or looking out for you.

They care about protecting their gravy train and looking out for themselves. The idea of public service now means giving away services paid for by somebody else to buy enough votes to punch yet another free ticket on that gravy train!

When Nancy Pelosi and others refused to provide the 10,000 National Guard troops requested by then-President Donald Trump on January 6th, 2021, things spiraled out of control, and she, of course, blamed Trump. What else would you expect?

In fact, they were so hell-bent on blaming Trump they assembled a hand-picked committee, rejected every Republican put up by minority leader Kevin McCarthy, added two never-Trumpers who hated the President, and went to work blaming for everything they could think of.

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It worked, and with no witnesses, no defense, and no evidence, they were able to ram through a second impeachment on President Trump that was no more sound than the first. But just like the first, it was laughed out of the Senate. Regardless, they thought they had scored the win—they had blamed Trump and convinced millions of Americans that he had incited an insurrection and a riot—he had not.

Now 44,000 hours of videotape from J6 that had been behind locked doors was released to Fox News and Tucker Carlson. The new video shows a lot of things that were ignored or manipulated by the J6 Committee and all the bought and paid for members of Congress who rubber-stamped whatever came along.

Tuesday, the Blame Game ratcheted up to an all-new level—as Democrats were furious that the whole thing had been outed for the garbage it really was.
The White House was in an even bigger panic, making reckless comparisons between the mostly peaceful protest in DC and other seminal moments in US history, claiming that J6 was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

And don’t think it’s just Democrats playing the blame game more than two years later. Now that we have seen the footage come tumbling out from behind the curtain, there are plenty of rats and roaches on both sides of the aisle that are ready to point fingers and continue the orange man bad’ narrative.

Among them was Cocaine Mitch, who—shockingly—was upset that Tucker did not fall in lockstep with the official narrative put forward by the J6 Committee.

But this is just one of the blame games being played in Washington. I mean, you can look at the border—either one now, North or South. You can look at the fentanyl crisis, and you can look at the economy, too, because nobody is willing to tell you the truth.

They may be short on answers, but I can tell you there is something they are not short on—excuses!