In a just world, President Biden and former Secretary of State and overall loser Hillary Clinton would be in jail for all of their corruption and pay-to-play schemes. Not to mention Nancy Pelosi and all of the other politicians who make a living off using inside information to enrich themselves with investments and deals, some with our foreign enemies.

But in the land we live in, Democrats rarely get penalized their crimes. They rarely even get investigated. They receive no real consequences for their corruption and so it continues and grows in scope.

They are so confident that they are protected, in fact, that they will now do their crimes out in the open with an attitude of “come and get me, I dare you” because they know they are Teflon – nothing sticks to them because of their politicized control of the government, law enforcement and the media.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are constant targets of the Democrats and the leftists will use every governmental department, every law enforcement unit, every everything they have to go after their political enemies. They will target them with censorship, IRS scrutiny, criminal investigations and more.

There are currently about a zillion investigations into former President Trump via the Democrat Party because he is the numero uno target of the Democrats and their friends. He is their number one enemy far above North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran – combined. And there are many RINOS and other Republicans who join them in their hostile pursuit of him.

Laughably, the investigation that might yield Trump getting arrested (at least the first time) is the one involving Storm Daniels, the porn star. The investigation involves an alleged payment in 2016 that Trump made, via his attorney Michael Cohen, to keep her quiet about an alleged affair between Trump and Daniels.

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Trump announced on his Truth Social account over the weekend (in all caps) of the possible impending arrest. He said, “The far and away leading Republican candidate and former president of the United State of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week. Protest, take our nation back!”

The payments to the porn star are supposedly is worth arresting a former president over – while a current president and his family are taking money up the wazoo from enemies of our country.

It’s perfectly fine that Biden’s family members are profiting from payments from China and Russia. We know it’s okay because one of the leftist networks said over the weekend that selling access is not a crime i.e. there is too much evidence to defend the Bidens anymore so they had to come up with an excuse for them.

And if the “Big Guy” gets a little money out of it, that seems to be okay too. The Teflon Commander- in-Chief doesn’t even have to talk to the media about it at all. It’s a non-issue to the Democrats and their media mob friends who won’t cover the story.

Even though there are plenty of articles and books written documenting Biden family corruption, it’s pretty much ignored because Democrats are untouchable. And their wealth continues to climb.

So as we see more and more information coming out about payments to the Biden family and Hunter Biden associates – and we might enjoy the Republican House having investigations into the matter at some point – we also know that nothing will happen to any of the Bidens even if they uncover a check written to Joe from Vladimir Putin himself. Biden will have no swat teams sent to his house, no raids, and no impeachments (he’s got Kamala insurance).

The Democrats have truly perfected the art of running our government as a mob operation. They are truly the Mafia. Gangsters. Mafioso.

And Lucky Luciano, a gangster from the 1930’s, eloquently explained the wealth of these corrupt and powerful politicians who run our country when he said, “Behind every great fortune, there is a crime!”