That is, nobody except Aimen Halim, a Chicago man who decided to sue Buffalo Wild Wings because their boneless chicken wings are not actually chicken wings. Or even made from chicken wings.

According to Fox 11 Los Angeles, Halim filed a class-action suit recently against Buffalo Wild Wings for charging too much for their boneless wings which he calls “nuggets” and says they are not made from the actual wing of a chicken.

His lawsuit states that the boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are actually slices of chicken breast meat “deep-fried like wings.”

He calls this a “clear-cut case of false advertising” which should not be permitted.

I’m not sure if mental anguish is part of the lawsuit or not. I don’t even know what kind of “financial injury” he is hoping to receive – or obtain for the rest of us in his class-action suit.

And with a legal victory (or not) how many other restaurants will be changing the names of their chicken “wings”?

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Pizza Hut calls their chicken “classic bone-in” and “breaded boneless” WINGS. But are the boneless ones really made from the meat of wings? Inquiring minds want to know.

Chili’s also advertises “boneless wings” on their menu and so does Applebees.

But it looks like Domino’s Pizza has already covered themselves. Their boneless chicken is listed as boneless chicken and their website says it’s “100% whole white breast meat.”

I took a look at boneless “wings” that you can buy at the grocery store too. The “Great Value” brand at Walmart calls them “Boneless Wyngz.*” with the intentional misspelling. And the asterisk on the package says that the breaded chicken white meat chunks “contains no wing meat.”

Their attorneys went the extra mile to make sure there were no future litigation concerns over what their product was.

Not that we didn’t already know that.