Nashville shooter, Audrey Hale, a transgender who was born a woman but was reportedly living as “Aiden,” killed three kids and three adults on Monday at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. She left behind a manifesto about the planned shooting rampage at the school but the police haven’t released the contents yet. Some are suggesting she had a beef with the school she previously attended. Hale used “he/him” pronouns on her social media sites and friends of hers say she transitioned after graduation.

According to the police, the shooting was well planned out with maps, points of entry information and surveillance.

The leftist apologists and gun control advocates are already out on spin control including the Human Rights Campaign who issued a statement on Twitter condemning the guns (instead of Hale) by saying, “Our hearts break for the victims in Nashville, as we learn more about a tragedy behind understanding. Gun violence continues to plague our country…”

They go on to give cover for the trans shooter by saying, “We still don’t know all of the facts about what happened in Nashville. We do know that every study available shows that transgender and non- binary people are much more likely to be the victims of violence, rather than the perpetrator of it…”

They seem to be ignoring the recent mass shootings that were perpetrated by killers from the LGBTQ+ community including the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting by nonbinary Anderson Lee Aldrich in November of last year, killing five; Transgender Alec McKinney, who wounded eight and killed one during a shooting in a Denver school; and transgender Snochia Moseley, who was transitioning to be a male, and shot seven people at a Rite Aid warehouse in Aberdeen in September of 2018, killing three and wounding three.

Pro-trans media and trans activists like Eli Erlick are blaming the shooting on the anti-trans movement and Christianity. Erlick has tweeted without any kind of proof about the shooting, “As we learn more, It’s clear the Nashville Covenant School is a right-wing institution in which Audrey Hale and many others were abused.”

Meanwhile, the left-wing media is busy apologizing for calling shooter Hale a woman.

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The Huffington Post, of course, is using the opportunity to go after “right-winters” complaining that they’re “seizing” on the shooting to push anti-trans rhetoric. In their main article about the shooting though, they don’t even mention that Hale is trans. And while they currently have two articles about the shooting on their home page, they have FIVE articles about their favorite subject – Trump.

There are NO stories, however, about the cancellation of the upcoming Trans Day of Visibility which is on Friday, March 31st. Yahoo calls it a day that’s’ recognized each year as a “day of celebration and awareness for the transgender community.”

In addition to trans visibility, there is also a Trans Day of Vengeance which is actually listed as two days from March 31st to April 1st. This is happening in Washington D.C. This doesn’t appeared to be cancelled either even under the current circumstances of the Nashville shooting. The event is advertised by “Struggle La Lucha” whose website is a self-proclaimed socialist publication and are described as a political organization on Facebook.

The post on the Trans Day of Vengeance event on the internet asks their supporters to “fight back against far-right attacks” but it doesn’t say exactly how they will be doing that. It DOES say however, “we want more than visibility.” And an article from March 16th talks about Tennessee being the first state in the country to ban drag performances.

They say, “LGBTQ+ organizers are sounding the alarm, not only in Texas and Tennessee but in the many other states where similar laws are likely to be enacted soon. What will this mean for Pride marches in June? Could there be mass arrests? Will threats and lawsuits force smaller Pride celebrations to be canceled?”

They ask their supporters to “fight with us” and “That is why we are calling for Trans Day of Vengeance. Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence. It is our battle cry to declare to the world that we the transgender/non-binary communities will neither be silenced nor eradicated. And we are calling to our allies, members of other marginalized communities to make themselves known and to fight with us.”

The “fighting” that will occur on Friday and Saturday remains to be seen but considering the events in Nashville on Monday, it would behoove the trans groups to stand down in their war against the “far right” since it already appears that one of their soldiers took the lives of six human beings this week.