What’s really behind the push for the National Popular Vote Compact where all of Michigan’s electoral votes would be awarded to the presidential candidate who wins more votes across the country?

It’s the fact that Democrats have lost too many times because of electoral votes, of course. It’s THAT simple. If that wasn’t the case, the Democrats wouldn’t care about the voting process and they wouldn’t support it. But they are always looking to game the system, to cheat, to do what they can to win all of their elections and this is just another one of their scams.

The Democrats are very very upset that George W. Bush beat Al Gore and that Donald Trump won the presidency instead of Hillary even though Gore and Clinton had more popular votes than their Republican competition did.

And there are other idiot Republicans like conservative Saul Anuzis who has been pushing the National Popular Vote Compact for quite some time. You can listen to him debate it with Steve Gruber here.

Bridge Michigan reports that although he Constitution clearly establishes the Electoral College to elect presidents, it also allows states to decide how to award their individual electoral votes (which are distributed based on population and congressional representation.)

So now that Democrats run Michigan’s House and Senate, they are moving ahead with legislation to join the National Popular Vote Compact along with 15 other states and Washington D.C. by introducing Senate Bill 126 and House Bill 4156.

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With 15 of Michigan’s electors up for grabs, it’s quite a crooked and UN-democratic scheme to award OUR votes to the popular vote of the country and not the candidate who Michigan elected.

But Democrats don’t care about voters, they care about VOTES.

Let me say that again because once you understand this, you understand the Democrat party. Democrats don’t care about voters. They care about VOTES.

In order for the National Popular Vote Compact to go into effect, 270 electoral votes are needed in the combined total of the states who join the compact. Currently, they have 195 electoral votes in their little scam group and with Michigan, they’d have 210. Other states in the compact include DE, HI, RI, VT, CO, CT, MD, MA, NJ, NM, OR, WA, CA, IL, NY and Washington D.C.

At a recent press conference, Michigan House Rep. Carrie Rheingans (D-Ann Arbor) was asked about ignoring the will of Michigan voters and she said that the will of Michigan voters is the same as will of the whole country.

Oh really? Nope, I don’t think so, Carrie. My will is not dictated by mob rule that is happening across the country – especially when the entire country has many many many jurisdictions where the Democrats had made sure that there is no voter ID, dead people can vote, illegal aliens can vote and people can vote more than once. So it’s not even a fair fight. The system is a total set-up by the Democrat party and they keep adding on to their voting corruption with one layer after another.

Yes, I can DEFINITELY SEE how this national popular vote would be an absolute WIN for the Democrat party with their lax voting rules that are put in place all over the country but what I CAN’T see is why any Republican would fall for this scam.