Always in search of a new voter base to pander to and a way to mess with the Republicans, as soon as the Democrats were able to get gay marriage approved in all 50 states, they decided that transgenders were their new cause.

Pursing this cause, they threw caution (and sanity) to the wind and supported men in women’s bathrooms, men in women’s locker rooms, boys in girl’s bathrooms in schools, boys in girl’s locker rooms in schools, men and boys in women’s and girl’s sports, drag queen reading hour, and porn in libraries.

Their virtual signaling to their leftist voters is an endless loop of insanity and perversion in their quest to erase female-ness from the face of the earth and push their gender mantra and transgender marketing on preschoolers. And they certainly don’t like the words “women” or “men” and have come up with about a zillion other names to describe gender-confused individuals.

He, she, they, xe, ver, vis… the list of pronouns goes on and on. There isn’t even one main list to go by because they keep adding words.

As the leftists continue their quest to erase the word “woman” from the public arena, there have been Democrats like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who use the term “menstruating person” instead of the word “woman” in order to virtue signal.

It’s quite gross. And if a young child hears the term, a parent might have to have a discussion about something that their kid isn’t ready to hear yet.

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Whitmer isn’t the only person talking about menstruating though. Kayleigh McEnany who appeared on Fox News’ show “Jesse Watters Primetimetold Watters that AOC likes the phrase too. She said, “She (AOC) has to send little signals to her far left base. Like, she calls herself a ‘menstruating person.’”

Watters was surprised and asked McEnany, “She calls herself a ‘menstruating person?’” McEnany replied, “Yes, and if you call her out for calling herself that, you are transphobic…” Watters asked, “Her pronoun is ‘menstruating person?’”
McEnany said, “That is correct. And you’re transphobic if you think that’s funny.”

However, to be fair, on AOC’s Twitter account, she hasn’t mentioned menstruating yet in her description of herself and is still listed as “she/her.”

So…Serious question: When women go through the “change” what should they be calling themselves? Maybe a “non-menstruating formerly menstruating person”?

AOC hasn’t responded yet for my request for a comment on this question.