Are there homeless Americans on the streets of the United States? Are there disabled elderly people and veterans living on a fixed income who can’t afford the recent price increases because of Bidenflation? Is Social Security and Medicare running out of money? Yes, Yes, and yes.

But those things are all unimportant to Democrats who have been handing out climate change money like candy – through legislation, grants, and through deals with their green energy Democrat- supporting buddies.

Never mind that a new Rasmussen Poll shows that 60% of Americans think that “climate change” is a religion that has nothing to do with climate – and the issue still ranks near the bottom of priorities for voters.

Climate change taxpayer money has been flowing freely all over the country and Dems in leftist controlled states like Michigan have benefitted greatly from that money. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has had her hand out since Biden was elected, adding the federal money to state money and state deals, doing her best to make sure that Michigan is free of cars that run on gas and coal plants are closed pronto.

We have known for a while that the Democrats were spending untold amounts of money on their climate change agenda but it wasn’t until recently that we learned how much. VP Kamala Harris was on Stephen Colbert’s late-night TV show The Late Show last week and she was eager to tell her story about how much the Democrats have spent on their green energy projects with taxpayer money.

Harris told Colbert proudly, “When you look at what our administration has done, it’s historic in terms of an investment in a green energy economy.”

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Harris said, “In only the last two years, we have, by my estimate, with the bills and the legislation that we have passed, we are putting up to $1 trillion dollars on the streets of America on the issue of the climate crisis…”

Although a trillion dollars seems like an awful lot of money, I think it’s actually a low number. I think the Dems have spent a whole lot more than that on their climate change scam. It’s impossible to keep track of it all – and that’s on purpose.

And it’s a complete waste of time and (our) money. People aren’t going to give up their gas-powered cars or their gas stoves or anything else. In the end, when the you-know-what hits the fan and their crap comes to everyone’s door, the people will finally revolt against the green energy tyranny.

However, in the meantime, with the Democrats in control of the federal government, our taxpayer money will continue to be earmarked for climate change projects and not for Americans in need – or real problems that actually need to be solved.