I can think of maybe one possible candidate that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could beat in a Republican presidential primary: Liz Cheney.

But that’s about it.

Nevertheless, the presidential prophet and Never Trumper Geraldo Rivera (who is no joy to watch on The Five on Fox News) has declared Christie as the man to beat in 2024.

American Wire News reports that Rivera tweeted recently, “Chris Christie could be the strongest GOP alternative for POTUS; savvy, swagger, moderation, toughness.”

This appears to be an unsolicited tweet, completely out of the blue. Christie hasn’t even announced a run for the presidency (yet). However, for those of you who on pins and needles about the whole thing, Christie is supposed to make a decision about the possibility of a presidential run in the next few months according to Newsweek.

Why would Rivera, who turns 80-years-old in July, tweet such a thing? Mental incapacity? Was his Twitter account hacked? Was he drunk-tweeting?

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You only need to watch Rivera on The Five a few times to figure out the answer to why he tweeted about Christie during a time when former President Trump, and 2024 presidential candidate, is expecting to be arrested: Rivera is a narcissist who YEARNS for attention.

99.9% of the time Rivera is on The Five and they get to the end of the show where they do “One More Thing” which is about something one of the co-hosts wants to highlight (an animal rescue, a promotion of a book, a video of some sort of sporting event, disaster, rescue or funny thing video) Rivera is almost ALWAYS showing something about himself – a trip he took, a boat ride, his participation at a friend’s birthday party, a video or photo of him with a celebrity… whatever. It’s all Geraldo, all the time.

A lot of people figured out that Rivera is a publicity whore after his live special on Al Capone’s vault which turned out to be empty except for some dust and debris.

So Geraldo’s Christie tweet does a couple of things for him (besides showing that he’s an idiot). It gets him attention. And negative attention is as good as positive attention.

And it puts him on the good list with Christie again after failing him in the past.

In 2017, Rivera wrote about Christie and the Bridgegate scandal. Although the two-time Christie voter wrote some nice things about him in his article, at the end it didn’t sound like Rivera thought that Christie was in the dark about the whole matter. Rivera ended his article with, “In terms of his presidential aspirations (for 2016), yesterday, the fat man sang.”

So what has changed between now and then that makes Christie such a good choice for president? Other than Rivera’s ire for Trump, of course. That is the driving force behind many things going on these days for those infected with TDS (Trump Derangement syndrome).

Christie certainly hasn’t gotten any more popular since he ran for president last time. He placed 10th in a field of 12 candidates in Iowa. Then, after coming in sixth place in a field of nine candidates in the New Hampshire primary, after focusing most of his campaign efforts on that state. Christie dropped out of the presidential race.

What has Christie done since that time? What has he accomplished? Nothing.

So whatever the reasons are that have lead to Rivera to endorse Christie for president, it’s pretty easy to assume that those reasons are all about Rivera.