In the “that’s something you don’t see everyday” department, a seemingly innocuous doodler of a highly successful comic strip for the white collar lumpenprole set decided to go on a Senator Bilbo style rant and destroy his career.

Yup, Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert comic strip, decided on his podcast last week to say things so ignorantly offensive that even I won’t repeat them. But the gist is that in the results of a Rasmussen poll a significant minority of American blacks said that being white “wasn’t okay.” That led Adams to counsel all kinds of hateful actions including having nothing to do with black people.

Now there are all kinds of vile racists out there of all colors. But what kind of moronic urge would strike the creator of a Cathy-like cartoon for desk jockies to make his dumb bigotry public?

Did he think vast throngs would approve of his idiocy? Did he suppose his old school George Wallace standing in the door weirdness would go over well with those who published his scribblings? I mean, what the hell?

Or perhaps he’s just such a git he didn’t think about it at all and just let fly with his mental barf. Who knows? One thing is certain. He picked the wrong target if he was upset that some blacks loathe whites. Who’s the culprit here? Not blacks, but liberal whites.

For over half a century the widely disseminated message from leftist masochistic whites in academia, pop culture, mass media, and politics has been that whites are a cancer to be eradicated. And Adams is surprised that some blacks bought the limo lib white message?

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From the 1619 Project to BLM to Hollywood and Madison Avenue whites are portrayed as bumblers or evil doers, sometimes both, who make a vocation out of oppressing anyone who may fall into their depraved snares.

The Founding Fathers who created the most successful nation in history? Evil. Those whites who bled and died to end slavery in the Civil War? Despicable. Those Caucasians who saved the world from fascism and communism? Appalling. Paleskins who put men on the moon and beat polio? Disgusting, or so has gone the constant drumbeat from the left and modern Democrats like Maxine Waters and Cori Bush. Such is also the attitude of the higher levels of the Biden administration.

What is ironically amusing is that much of the drumbeat comes from white people, the very same people whom the percussion describes as inherently evil. That little nugget is glossed over in the name of Bolshie solidarity.

So Adams, repugnant imbecile that he is, not only spews incoherent bigotry, but then he, of course, gets the solution wrong as well. It would be a tragic mistake to shun black Americans because some have been programmed by white liberals to highly disdain all whites. But shun the kind of liberals who spew irrational hate like this? That would work out just fine for almost everyone concerned.