Remember when all the rage was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election? We heard volumes about how Putin had control of Trump, none of it true.

Fast forward four years and a ragtag bunch of malcontents, BLM and Antifa, somehow almost overnight gain the logistical, communications, and command expertise to launch riots and attacks on major US cities as they try to blackmail the spineless into voting for Joe Biden. Gee, think they had any help?

Of course, as a national security threat, you’d think an American administration would be all over this. But, no. Why not? Because this administration is owned by the Chinese communists.

“When you see this kind of a connection between a sitting president, his son, and the Chinese government, when people just don’t trust this and know that it’s one of the biggest threats facing us right now, that’s a really big issue that needs to be addressed,” Maslansky + Partners President Lee Carter said on “Mornings with Maria” Monday on Fox Business. A Chinese-American bank with ties to the CCP has recently disclosed transactions with the Biden family. The data corresponds with other evidence of collusion.

“Is that the Chinese Communist Party, is that a shot across President Biden’s bow saying, listen, this is some of the information we have. If you don’t toe the line, if you do things that displease us, we’re going to provide… even more information?” Republican Senator Ron Johnson has questioned.

The Biden crime family’s financial dealings with Beijing have been extensively documented. So much so that, in their usual practice, the administration admits the deed and then refuses to comment on it hoping the lapdog press will cover for them. It does.

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Now another example of Chinese interference in American politics comes to light, no doubt to be downplayed if not ignored by Biden.

Fox, “An Associated Press investigation has revealed that China and its advocates based in the U.S. have been operating a successful influence campaign in the state of Utah.

The AP reported Monday that as a result of the efforts, ‘Lawmakers delayed legislation Beijing didn’t like, nixed resolutions that conveyed displeasure with its actions and expressed support in ways that enhanced the Chinese government’s image.’

‘Utah is an important foothold,” Frank Montoya Jr., a retired FBI counterintelligence agent who lives in Utah, told the AP. “If the Chinese can succeed in Salt Lake City, they can also make it in New York and elsewhere.’

It uncovered that China-friendly lawmakers, for example, delayed action for a year to ban Chinese-funded Confucius Institutes at state universities, according to the legislation’s sponsor. The Chinese language and cultural programs have been described by U.S. national security officials as propaganda instruments. The University of Utah and Southern Utah University closed their institutes last year.”

So the Chinese are brazenly operating political influence campaigns in American states and within the current US administration. Hopefully the Republican House brings some of this to light and does something about it. Joe Biden sure as hell won’t.