We are continuing to send billions of dollars to help fight a war in Ukraine against Vladimir Putin and Russia.

It is truly disturbing that the Biden regime, along with the CIA and the intelligence community, has dragged us into yet another proxy war. The Democrats are cheerleading the whole thing, along with far too many Republicans.

And what I find the most infuriating is the fact that we have a war of our own to fight here at home—and we are losing badly.

That, of course, is the war being delivered to us courtesy of China by way of Mexico.

Fentanyl is the missile being directed at young people in this country. Right now, as I speak, there are people dying from the poisonous drug. I mean, literally, at this moment, there are Americans drawing their final breath.

And what are we doing about it? Not much, it appears. 

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We are allowing fentanyl to kill us every single day. Its components are manufactured in China, then shipped to Mexico, where they are combined into the deadly drug.

Let me bring it into full relief for you right now. We are told 100,000 of us will die from Fentanyl this year. I actually think the number is much higher—but let’s take that number at face value.

If 100,000 Americans die from Fentanyl annually here in The United States, that means about 275 of our fellow citizens are killed by this poison every single day. That is someone dying about every five minutes. So that means by the time you finish reading this article—someone has already died. And before I sign off my show each day, about three dozen Americans will have been killed by the poison pouring into our nation!

Again, what are we doing about it?

Democrats spend a lot of time talking about the little guy and helping under-served communities, but they apparently don’t care to notice that those same communities of color pay a much higher price when it comes to drug overdoses and death. When it comes to protecting the under-served—they don’t seem to care much anymore about equity.

Sadly, the inclusion that comes to the poor side of the tracks is addiction and death.

It is high time we start fighting back against the war that has been brought to us in the name of profiting the Chinese and Mexican Cartels.

There are finally some inside the Administration taking the open border and the scourge of illegal drugs seriously. But others, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, are choosing to blame Americans for the crisis.

If this is ever going to get fixed, we need to stop politicking and treat this as the serious crisis it is. If Washington politicians can move heaven and earth to defend Ukraine, you had better believe they can do something to stop the fentanyl streaming across our borders.