During the pandemic, it was amazing to see how many people willingly complied with governmental edicts. The masks, the vaccines, being banned from doing things and not going to work…People, for the most part, did whatever the government wanted them to do out of fear. Fear that the government generated in them.

They complied with governmental edicts and stupid rules from businesses that they came up with to comply with governmental edicts. Shoppers followed arrows on the floors of grocery stories and only shopped for certain items at certain stores on certain days of the week at certain times of the day.

While the federal government and the fake news media kept everyone scared about COVID-19, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer released new executive orders fast and furious. And she did it without any scientific justification or constitutional authority. Executive order after executive order came out, day after day, telling everyone what they could and couldn’t do, how far away they had to stand from someone, how many people they could have in their house, and what aisles of Home Depot they could shop in.

After being controlled for decades by taxes and regulation and rules from local, state and federal governments, people have been primed to be mind-numbed robots and follow the orders from our tyrannical governments. We do not live in a “free” country anymore – at least not the kind of free country that was guaranteed and promised to us in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and in our Bill of Rights.

The Federal Register currently has 912,021 documents in it. According to Wikipedia, it is the “official journal of the federal government of the United States that contains government agency rules, proposed rules, and public notices.” And each of those 912,021 documents is several pages long. Some are hundreds. It’s disgusting. That is NOT freedom. That’s tyranny.

We are controlled. We are monitored. We are tracked. More and more every day.

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But now that the pandemic edicts are mostly gone, a large amount of Americans are still giving up control over their lives to third parties – to businesses and products that we have to use (like utilities and cars) and those we choose to use like iPhones and TikTok.

Convenience is what’s driving people to give up their freedom and privacy.

For convenience, we give businesses and governments our information voluntarily. Apple (a leftist company) knows where we are, what we buy, what apps we have, who we talk to and lots more. The search engines all have a database on us.

When we signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine, at the bottom of the consent form, it said that our state was putting us into a database. And now, we know there is also a database for the unvaccinated.

No one reads the fine print anymore. And no one has time to read the 12,000 page “user agreement” to join a membership, download an app, start a social media user account or anything else. But basically, in everything to do, you are giving away all of your privacy rights. And you are being tracked and your information is being stored.

Energy companies have smart meters now to track your energy usage – some (not surprisingly) are being used to shut you off if they feel like it.

I refused to get one – even though it costs me more NOT to have a smart meter. #1: I don’t care how much energy I waste – If I need a lot of heat or air or the lights on all day, that’s MY business. #2: I will NOT give the utility company the power to turn off my energy for any reason.

And just like with the electric cars, if customers actually start using LESS energy, they will increase your prices or tax you on that too. You will never come out a winner so don’t play the game.

Then there’s TikTok which allows the Chinese to store all kinds of information about you. Great choice there if you have that app!

Also, many new vehicles have a tracker in them to document a person’s mileage. Even if you don’t have a tracker, states like Washington are going to try to make you monitor your driving by GPS or self-reporting so they can tax you by the mile. The government doesn’t seem to care that interstate travel is a fundamental right any more than they care about owning a gun is a fundamental right. They will regulate and tax you for everything that you do. They will also monitor you and keep information about you in a database. This really shouldn’t be “breaking” news to you if you have been paying attention at all to what is going on in the country.

And now we have Ford who is developing vehicles that will lock you out of your own car if you don’t make your payments on time. In fact, if it’s a self-driving car, it might drive itself back to the dealer’s lot.

How’s THAT for convenience???

It’s called a “repossession system computer” and I don’t think it cares if your infant daughter or your dog is in the car when it locks you out or drives off, or if your $2000 laptop is inside of the vehicle, or your business papers, or clothing packed in a suitcase for a trip – or your wallet or purse or cell phone.

The amazing technology can also limit you on which days or times you could drive. Isn’t that fantastic??!

So folks… keep participating in this tyranny and keep buying their stupid sh*t so that your life can be easier and more “convenient” – but don’t come crying to me when you end up with absolutely no control over anything that goes on in your life anymore.