It seems like I see American flags flying at half-staff pretty regularly; I don’t even know why most of the time. I thought about that a couple of years ago and then again recently—I mean—why are they at half-staff pretty much all the time?

There are people still living who are old enough to remember the flags flying at half-staff after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 or of Martin Luther King Junior in 1968 and, a few months later, Robert Kennedy.

But recently, I saw the flags at half-staff and thought, why is that? And I had no idea!

It seems that every time somebody of modest accomplishments dies—for whatever reason—the flags drop. Now, I fully understand why they are at half-staff today in Michigan—as we recognize the three college kids killed by a madman one week ago. But, and this is an honest question, should the flags be at half-staff all over the nation for the college kids that died at MSU?

I ask because there are dozens of mass shootings in Chicago every single year, and I am quite sure we don’t drop the flags every time four or five gang bangers are gunned down in South Shore. In fact, they don’t even pay attention in Illinois to the scores of bodies in the Windy City while the Governor and the legislature work feverishly to disarm every law-abiding gun owner there.

That same mentality is, of course, coming to Michigan and any other state the socialists can target. And let me guarantee you this once again—you will see a ballot initiative in 2024 in Michigan to ban so-called assault weapons and likely a whole lot more.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her loyal anti-freedom fighters will be targeting a host of firearms—and if they can’t get it through the state legislature, they will rely on what has become tried and true—getting it on the ballot. They’ll make sure there are tens of millions of dollars poured into the effort and get the voters to disembowel their freedoms by gutting the Constitution with the ballot box.

The good news is that even the will of the voters cannot overcome the truth of the United States Constitution. Still, on the road to undermining every single American institution, it will be a critical vote.
Make no mistake—I believe and am telling you right now that the “Michigan Model” will be repeated in my home state and rolled out elsewhere too.

In 2024, depending on where you live, abortion will be on the ballot, guns will be on the ballot, and marijuana will be on the ballot. Why bother with the legislative process if we can convince people of what we want?

Social media, plus legacy media, plus Democrats, in concert together, can marshal massive amounts of capital to engineer the system—and outlaw freedom.

Don’t be surprised to see hate speech proposals on the ballots in several states come 2028—or maybe even sooner in the far-left cesspools of Oregon or, yes, Illinois.

This is also the path they have marked to pack the Supreme Court. I mean, why would they allow an ‘illegitimate’ high court to continue weighing in after overturning Roe V. Wade or returning a decision in favor of gun laws, allowing people to have a right to self-defense?

This cannot stand.

Soon the flags will no longer be at half-staff but instead flying upside down because the nation will have been turned on its head by people who actually believe they are smarter than Jefferson or Franklin or Madison, or Hamilton.

SPOILER ALERT—they are not!

They are reckless egomaniacs that will bring this great nation to her knees unless we stand united here in Red Country and refuse to allow the tyranny of the cities to rain down upon the rest of the nation.

We must stand ready to defend the Constitution, to fight against the tyranny of the majority against the minority—which, sadly, we in many ways have become.

If you believe in the Freedom of Speech without exception—you are outnumbered. If you believe in the freedom of the press—you are outnumbered. If you believe in the right to keep and bear arms—you are outnumbered. Not everywhere—but in too many places.

So do not let the flag fly at half-staff for too many or too few. When we lower Old Glory to half-staff, we must do it in solidarity with this great nation and for her future.