Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care where she is or that I haven’t seen her much lately. It’s just curious that she’s keeping such a low profile. I guess she’s tired of looking like an idiot (her own doing) and she’s trying to distance herself from President Disaster and his document scandal. Plus she hasn’t been able to solve the problems at the border and doesn’t want to answer to that.

I’m also wondering…have they searched Kamala’s domicile for classified documents? I haven’t heard about that yet. Besides looking into Hunter Biden’s place, Kamala’s home is probably a good place to explore.

She wants to be president so she has to use Hillary Clinton tactics and find whatever ammunition she can to get that done. Although, I’m sure that she has plenty of blackmail already not to mention the backing of Barack Obama (at least she did in the beginning). Miss “Slept-Her-Way-to-the-Top” is not getting any younger and she’s not about to give up the presidential fight easily – unless she’s promised a spot as a Supreme Court Justice. So I guess this is just the calm before the storm, keeping a low profile until she re-invents herself again for the 20th time and runs for the top spot in the Oval Office.

So I looked up Kamala’s appearances as of late and it looks like she’s doing important things like hanging out with an imaginary yellow creature for a Lunar New Year event.

She also visited a Mexican bakery in North Carolina on Monday after participating in a panel discussion on small business and Hispanic owned businesses.

Kamala is not needed for tie breakers in the Senate anymore so she doesn’t have to show up for that if she’s got something better going on. According to The White House website, “Under the Constitution, the vice president serves as the president of the Senate and presides over the Senate’s daily proceedings. In the absence of the vice president, the Senate’s president Pro Tempore (and others designated by them) presides. As one of the Senate’s constitutional officers, only the vice president has the authority to cast a tie- breaking vote.”

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On the website, they describe Kamala’s daily routine. She starts off her day at 6 pm and has a morning workout (usually a spin class), then she eats breakfast and leaves her home around 8 am to do whatever is on her schedule.

She has a quick lunch around noon and then attends meetings and starts working. Finty says “she is known for her dedication to her job.” Kamala could be campaigning, meeting with constituents or working on legislation to save the world – or finding root causes of the immigration problem (that would be Democrats).

In the evening, Kamala takes time for herself and likes to cook. The article says she invites family and friends over for dinner parties but if that doesn’t happen she sits down with her immediate family around 7 pm for dinner and tries to get to bed by 11 pm.

In between all of that plus her manicures and hair appointments, the race-baiting Democrat did find time to schedule in the funeral of Tyre Nichols in Memphis on Wednesday at the invitation of Nichols’ parents. The whole funeral turned out to be a PR marketing event for the Democrats with the mother of Breonna Taylor and the brother of George Floyd also in attendance as well as the Rev. Al Sharpton delivering the eulogy.

Kamala, of course, made things political, calling for police reform. She said, “As vice president of the United States, we demand that Congress pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act — Joe Biden will sign it. And, we should not delay, and we will not be denied. It is nonnegotiable.”

The unfortunate thing for Kamala is that no marketing of her is going to make her any more likable or any more electable. Just the other day, Elizabeth Warren refused to say if she thought Harris should be Biden’s running mate in 2024 and others are “worried” about Kamala leading the Democratic Party.

So the time is now for Kamala to strategize, blackmail, demand, whine and cajole so she gets what she wants in the next few years.