We’ve dumped 200 billion American taxpayer dollars into a war in Ukraine that most Americans do not want, with no end in sight and no plan to speak of.

Can someone please tell me what we are doing in Ukraine? They are not an ally. Not by treaty and not by historical precedent. They are a country that most people still cannot find on a map—nevertheless, we are getting in deeper and deeper every single day.

It’s like we are agitating the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin for the sport of it—and again, the question is why?

Why are the Democrats and the Republicans all in on this one? 

The American people certainly aren’t on board, and they are still sick to their stomachs over the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan ordered by Joe Biden.

The American people are tired of wars on the other side of the world draining our resources while we have so much work to do at home. They hear we are now paying for Ukrainian pensions and welfare programs while our own southern border remains wide open and illegals flow in by the millions.

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Maybe Joe Biden and his secret mission in Kyiv yesterday would have had more impact if it actually looked like there was a war on. Seriously, go try to find footage of this terrible war; you won’t find much.

Why is that?
When we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, certainly in the early days, the war footage was everywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week for months on end. This is not the case with Ukraine.

Oh, we hear about how awful it is—and that Russia must be punished for invading Ukraine and that we must send hundreds of billions of dollars. But we never hear about anything resembling a plan or a strategy from our side.

And you know what? We never really hear about how all that money is being spent or how it benefits you and me—and that’s because it doesn’t. This is yet another colossal waste of American treasure.

How we define winning seems to have been forgotten in the conversation by the warmongers on all sides—Democrats and Republicans alike. They just keep beating the drums of war and turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the nation.