Yes, our fearless leader of the transportation department, Mr. Pete Buttigieg, FINALLY made it to East Palestine, Ohio after being harassed about not going there since the train derailment. The day before young Petey showed up in his dress boots, former President Trump landed in East Palestine with pallets of water, cleaning supplies and canned food. He also passed out MAGA hats and bought Big Macs for local firefighters and first responders.

During a speech there, Trump said that the townsfolk have been ignored by the federal government and “met with indifference and betrayal in some cases.” Biden has not visited the site of the disaster yet and has no plans to do so. FEMA finally showed up after two weeks.

But now we might know why the federal government doesn’t give a crap about East Palestine. They are Trump voters.

The View’s Joy Behar said as much on her show recently. She was talking about Trump’s visit, how he brought in in Trump-brand water (What did Petey bring in? Nothing!) and she said Trump had appointed someone with “ties to the chemical industry” to run the EPA’s chemical safety office when he was president. She said, “That’s who you voted for in that district” as if to say they DESERVED what happened to them.

Meghan McCain, who used to be on The View tweeted to Joy and said, “This is just an evil thing to say. I would say I can’t fathom this level of cruelty and elitism but sadly…I can.”

But Behar isn’t the only one pointing out why the city isn’t getting any help from the federal government. MSNBC’s Joy Reid had Petey on her show and said, “The county that Palestine is in voted 71/29 for Donald Trump. I want you to reflect on the irony. In 2016, it was 68/26. This is a Trump county…”

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In the land of the Democrats, everything is about Trump, getting votes and marketing their brand. So why help a place that doesn’t have an “underserved” pro-Democrat population?

Yes, it’s OBVIOUS now why East Palestine isn’t get a break from the Democrat government – it’s because they didn’t vote for them.